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Are Jurors Paid And How Long Will I Have To Serve?

Trial (traverse) jurors will be paid $25.00 per day for each day you are physically required to report to the courthouse. Your length of service is generally one week. It is possible to serve as a juror on more than one trial within the same week.

Grand jurors are paid $50.00 per day. Grand jurors serve for a four-month term and are to report on the second Monday and Tuesday of each month of the term.

For all jurors, a pre-paid debit card is issued on their first day of service. Payment is loaded onto the card on Friday at 5:00PM of your service week. You are paid for each day you are physically required to report to the courthouse.

You will also have the ability to print a Certificate of Service through the Ejuror link on the Jury Duty Information Home Page. It will show the days you were physically required to report to the courthouse. The Certificate of Service may be provided to your employer to verify your jury attendance.


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