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May I Request A One-Time Deferral?


A one-time deferral may be granted under very-limited circumstances. Your type of employment (self-employed, law enforcement, seasonal worker, teacher, over the road truck driver, commission-only salesperson, etc.) or financial status are not valid reasons for a deferral.


Deferments are based on the number of jurors needed for a trial week and the number of cases being heard. If your one-time deferral request is granted, you will be assigned to a new trial week within six to eight weeks and you will receive a new summons.


Requests for deferrals must be received no less than 7 business days prior to your date to appear. To request a one-time deferral please email or call the Clerk's office.

 Phone #: 678-493-6565 (leave a message)                   Email:


A person who makes a false claim for the purpose of getting excused or helping someone to get excused may be found in contempt of court.




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