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Frequently Asked Questions about Residential Addresses

How do I get an address for a house that I own or am planning to build?:

Call Cherokee County GIS Office to request an application form or download it from the Forms & Documents link

Provide a copy of your parcel's survey, or a tax map with the parcel highlighted.  You can make your own custom map here.   For commercial structures, submit a building plan. 

You can email the application to us, fax it to 678.550.0017 or mail it to Cherokee County GIS Department 1130 Bluffs Pkwy Canton, GA 30114.
The GIS Staff will assign the appropriate street number for your property. Please allow 3 days for processing.

Cherokee County GIS will email, fax, or mail your completed application form back to you with your new address.

How do I change an address?

If your address is out of sequence for your road, or building plans change the access to your property, call Cherokee County GIS at 678.493.6050 or email us.

A readdressing application will be processed for you and all appropriate county agencies will be notified on your behalf.

I need to have the County verify my existing address for my mortgage company or cable service. What do I do?

Call Cherokee County GIS at 678.493.6050. Provide your address, and have your last tax bill handy to provide your parcel's Tax ID.

A letter of verification will be generated and emailed, faxed, or mailed to you within one week of your request.

I am a developer and I need to assign unit numbers to my new apartment buildings. What should I do?

Read the following document regarding the numbering policy standards approved for use by Cherokee County GIS.

Apartment Numbers

Google/Yahoo/MapQuest doesn't have my address in the right place!  What can I do?

These sites purchase their data from commercial vendors.  The County has no control over the data that they present.  You can follow these links (use at your own risk, Cherokee County does not endorse, use or maintain these sites) to update your address with those vendors.  Yahoo and Mapquest use Navteq.  Google Maps use TeleAtlas

Hey none of that stuff applies to me!  What do I do?

If you have any questions or concerns, contact Cherokee County GIS Department at 678.493.6050 or email us and we will assist you.

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