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Dental Benefit Summary

Dental Plan provided by BlueCross BlueShield of Georgia

Customer Service Number: (855)397-9267


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It is important to keep in mind that this material is a brief outline of benefits and covered service and is not a contract. Please refer to your 2017 Benefits At A Glance for a complete explanation of covered services, limitations and exclusions.

With the Blue Cross/Blue Shield Dental Plan, you may visit any dentist of your choice, or you may choose to visit one of the dentists in their network and receive reduced rates for services. The Blue Cross/Blue Shield Dental plan also includes Adult and Child Orthodontic benefits.

* Orthodontics is a benefit for eligible employees, spouses and dependent children to age 19 and has a separate maximum $1,000 lifetime per patient for services

Predetermination of Benefits: Recommended for charges in excess of $350

Unless Takeover Provisions apply, Benefit Waiting Periods for certain services apply to new hires and late entrants including: 6 months-Oral Surgery; 12 months- all other Major Services






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