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Work-Life Balance Program

Work-Life Balance Program (EAP) provided by Unum

Customer Service Number: (800) 854-1446 (English) / (877)858-2147 (Spanish)


Cherokee County recognizes that personal and family problems can impact your life both at home and at work. With more working couples and single parents, personal matters are harder than ever to manage. Baby sitters, child rearing issues, pressures of school, preparation for college, aging parents all demand more of our time than we sometimes have.

When you face these challenges in life, and need help balancing work, home, personal or family issues, Unum's work-life balance program is available. To assist you and your family in getting the help you need, Cherokee County has established an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Your EAP program is a confidential support service designed especially to help you with the issues that affect your life the most.

When you call the EAP toll-free number, (800-854-1446 for English and 877-858-2147 for Spanish) you will be connected to a counselor who will help you clarify your problem, identify options, offer support and professional guidance, and help you develop an action plan. When needed, you will be offered an in-person appointment in addition to the telephone consultation.  Your EAP team is staffed by professional counselors who are experienced in assisting people with a wide range of issues.

You can call toll-free anytime day or night and speak to a consultant, or log onto our website.

What Types Of Issues Can My EAP Assist Me With?


There are many new and exciting challenges that go along with becoming a parent. It can be both a rewarding and stressful experience.

  • Prenatal Planning
  • Becoming a Parent
  • Adoption
  • Child Development
  • Parenting Skills
  • Child Care

Care Giving

Every person, young or old, is different and many will have needs that will require special attention.

  • Sickness and Care Giving
  • Special Needs
  • Adult Dependent Care
  • Elder Care


Decisions on higher education will probably have a greater impact on a young person's life than any other you will make.

  • Pre-college planning
  • Junior and Community college
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Admissions testing and procedures (PSAT / SAT)
  • Financial planning, aid and scholarship
  • Adult re-entry programs


When moving, details can become overwhelming.  We can help with information about the moving process and about your new location.

  • Relocation Information
  • Parenting tips on moving
  • Community resources
  • Schools
  • Short and long distance moves

Additional Services Provided:

When you need help with non-acute emotional, mental or behavioral problems such as depression, anxiety, relationships or alcohol and drug problems.

An EAP consultant will help assess the situation and will provide telephone problem resolutions consultations or may authorize up to three office visits with a counselor in your area.  The consultant may also assist you in obtaining behavioral health treatment, if needed, through your health plan.

Ask your Human Resources representative ( to provide you with more information on this valuable service.


Emergency Travel Assistance Program

Emergency Travel Assistance Program provided by Unum

Customer Service Number: (800) 872-1414 


Cherokee County pays 100% of the following benefits for all full-time employees.

Worldwide Emergency Travel Assistance Services:

Just one phone call gives employees and their families 24-hour access to a network of emergency medical and legal resources any time they travel more than 100 miles from home or in a foreign country.


Unum's worldwide emergency travel assistance services, provided through Assist America, Inc., one of the nation's largest providers of emergency travel programs,  provides travelers with a range of features, including pre-departure information and assistance finding lost luggage.  More importantly, it is there for medical emergencies, providing:

    • Access to English-speaking and Western-trained doctors or facilities anywhere in the world or evacuation to where such care is available, and
    • Repatriation under medical supervision when necessary.

Other available services include 24-hour multi-lingual service, medical consultation, hospital admission guarantee, critical care monitoring, emergency prescription services, return of mortal remains, care for minor children and legal and interpreter referrals.



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