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The County Magistrate Court handles civil claims under $15,000.00. A Magistrate Judge holds an informal hearing to listen to and decide each case. Any person may file a claim against a person or business in Magistrate Court without an attorney, or you may have an attorney represent you if you choose. However, this will be at your own expense. The Court does not appoint attorneys for civil cases.

Below are examples of typical lawsuits filed in the Magistrate Court:

Mr. Smith bought a TV from a local store. The next week the set would not work. The store had a posted warranty that it refused to honor.
Ms. Jones paid a security deposit when she moved into her apartment. Although she complied with the lease and did not damage the apartment, her landlord will not return the security deposit.
Mr. James was fired from his job. He claims the company owes him one week's pay, however, the company will not pay him.
In each example, a person can file suit and ask for money damages. Keep in mind that generally, anyone in America can sue anyone else for just about anything, but winning the lawsuit and actually collecting money for your injury is an entirely different matter.

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