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Comprehensive Plan
Planning and Land Use

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Brief Summary

The 2000 U.S. Census population for Cherokee County was 141,903. Currently, the southern parts of the county are increasingly suburban in nature, while the northern half remains primarily agricultural. By 2030, the county population is projected to grow to 417,600. The projected population represents an increase of roughly 275,700 people over a 30 year period. This amount of growth will have a long-term impact on Cherokee County. With the fast-paced growth forecast to continue, the Comprehensive Plan of Cherokee County must be aligned with the wants and needs of the community to produce a sustainable future for the county.

The Comprehensive Plan serves as a guide for making decisions and setting policies for county officials and staff concerning the future development of the county. Periodically, the Comprehensive Plan must be updated to reflect changes in the demographics and economy of the county. Through the planning process issues and goals identified by the citizens of Cherokee County were translated into priorities for future county programs and projects. To improve the coordination within the county, Cheorkee County and the cities of Ball Ground and Waleska developed a joint comprehensive plan. The current plan was adopted on August 19th, 2008.

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