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Comprehensive Plan
Planning and Land Use

How does the Comprehensive Plan guide development?


New rezoning applications are evaluated based on the elements of the Community Agenda.  The review is focused on determining if a proposal is consistent with the Community Vision, Core Issues, Future Development Map and Character Area Descriptions.  This analysis is completed by Planning and Zoning staff prior to consideration of the case by the Planning Commission.  Consistency with the Community Agenda is only one of a series of criteria that members of the Planning Commission use to evaluate rezoning requests in order to make their recommendation to the Board of Commissioners. 

Here is a sample
Community Agenda Report

Ordinance Changes (under development)

A series of regulatory measures is under development that would extend the vision of the Community Agenda to all new Development Plans through changes to the Zoning Ordinance and Development Regulations. The changes would specifically address issues of site design, massing, scale and circulation that the relate back to the character of an area.

Executive Summary - 06/30/2010
Cherokee County Community Patterns - Adopted 08/17/2010

What projects and initiatives were identified in the Community Agenda?

Short Term Work Plan (STWP)

The Short Term Work Plan is a document designed to identify the projects and initiatives designed to address the issues in the Plan.  The STWP typically covers the 5 year period between the adoption of the Community Agenda and the next update  to the document (required after 5 years). Jurisdictions that use Impact Fees, such as Cherokee County, to fund Capital Projects are required to update their STWP every year.  The Community Agenda adopted in 2008 includes a Short Term Work Plan for each of particpating jurisdictions.  The current documents are available through the links below:

Jurisdiction Date Range
Cherokee County
Ball Ground 2007-2012
Waleska 2007-2012

How is the Comprehensive Plan related to other Cherokee County Plans?

Most Cherokee County Plans can be considered either a Related Plan or a Supplemental Plan.  Related plans typically draw on the population, housing and/or employment projections from the Community Agenda to develop a plan for a specific purpose.  The Comprehensive Transportation Plan, the Solid Waste Management Plan and the Capital Improvement Element are good examples of Related Plans.  Supplemental Plans are generally identified in the Short Term Work Plan as steps toward implementing the Community Agenda.  Several Supplemental Plans are in various stages of completion.  More information is available on the Progress Report page.
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