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Planning and Land Use

News and Announcements
PC Work Session Agenda - 4/16/18

April 16, 2018
Business Center 6:30 PM



1. Case #18-05-014 Douglas Marrinson (BOC Dist. 2)
Applicant is requesting to rezone 2.89 +/- acres at 7997 Hickory Flat Highway from R-80 to OI for
an insurance office.

Posted: Apr-12-2018 | view story

Comprehensive Plan|Process

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Plan Update Process


Cherokee County and the Cities of Ball Ground and Waleska began the 3 year update process in 2005.  The City of Woodstock was included in the Assessment phase but  developed a separate Community Agenda document. The process is summarized in the Flowchart from the Public Participation Plan. The phases were as follows:
Phase Description Dates
Assessment Staff and Consultants were involved in gathering data and assembling the Community Assessment.  This phase culminated in transmitting the Assessment document to the state for review. March 2005 to February 2007
Plan Development Based on input from the General Public, Citizen Committees and Elected Officials, Staff and Consultants produced several drafts of the Community Agenda and the Future Development Map.  The final step in this phase was the creation of a draft document for the General Public to review.
May 2006 to March 2008
Plan Review & Adoption Once there was agreement on the final draft, the Community Agenda was transmitted to the state for review. 
March 2008 to August 2008

The Consultant Team began work in the spring of 2005. Two rounds of General Public Meetings took place around the county during the Summer and Fall of 2005 to gather preliminary citizen input for the plan. These activities are all part of the Community Assessment phase of the project. The Plan Development phase is focused on specific issues to be addressed in the Community Agenda. The final Agenda document serves as a blueprint for the local government decisions and projects for the next 10 years. The final Plan Review and Adoption phase involved submitting the Community Agenda document to the Atlanta Regional Commission and the Georgia Department of Community Affairs for their review.  Meanwhile, the final touches were added to the Agenda text and map.   A detailed timeline is also available.

Sources of Input

Five groups of people were responsible for updating the Cherokee County Comprehensive Plan. They were as follows: General Public, Citizen Committees, Joint Elected Officials, City & County Planning Staff and our Consultant Team. The relationships between these groups are illustrated in the Comprehensive Plan Organization Chart.

General Public

The general public was directly involved in the Comprehensive Planning process through their feedback at public meetings and their representatives on the Citizen Committees and their Elected Officials.

Citizen Committees

The Citizens' Roundtable served as the initial steering committee for the Comprehensive Planning process.  After a draft of the Community Agenda was reviewed by the general public, the Steering Council was formed to finalize the document.  Both committees represented the many voices of the citizens in this process and were appointed by the elected officials of the Ball Ground, Waleska, Woodstock and Cherokee County. They made recommendations to the Elected Officials on the Community Assessment & Community Agenda.

Elected Officials

Having already been elected to represent the residents of the cities and the county in local government, the Elected Officials made the final decisions about the Comprehensive Plan based on the recommendations of the Citizen Committees. The Elected Officials also oversaw the work of the Consultant Team.

City & County Planning Staff

The staff provided assistance to the Consultant Team and the Citizen Committees in the planning process. Cherokee County staff was also the center for communications about the Comprehensive Planning process through direct correspondence, website development/maintenance and local media outlets.

Consultant Team

Cherokee County and the Cities of Ball Ground, Waleska and Woodstock engaged the services of a multi-disciplinary team of consultants to update our Comprehensive Plan. Each of our consultants brought different strengths to the project. The members of the team are listed below with their areas of expertise and role on the team.

Ross & Associates
Atlanta, Georgia
This Atlanta-based planning firm has extensive experience with Comprehensive Planning in Georgia. Ross & Associates served as the lead consultant for our Plan.
McBride Dale Clarion
Cincinnati, Ohio

Planners with McBride Dale Clarion have extensive experience in many types of local planning around the country. For this project, they focused on the public participation process and coordinating the communication between the Citizen Committees and the Joint Elected Officials.
Day Wilburn Associates
Atlanta, Georgia
This local firm specializes in transportation planning. Their staff focused on planning for the transportation needs of the Cities and Cherokee County.
Robert Charles Lesser & Co.
 Atlanta, Georgia
The work of this Atlanta firm focused on real estate and market analysis. The results will help the residents understand the long-term fiscal impacts of the elements of the Plan.

Final Plan Documents

All of the elements of the Comprehensive Plan are available on the Documents page.
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