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How can I determine the zoning for my property?

Our interactive Geocortex website allows anyone to find the zoning of any property at any time. These step-by-step instructions show how to locate a property and turn on the zoning layer in the map window.

Where can I find the zoning requirements for a specific zoning district?

Most of the crtical dimensions can be found on Table 7.1 Mimimum District Development Standards on the Zoning Ordinance page.  This table shows minimum lot size, density, minimum lot width, setbacks, and other important information.  Permitted land uses in each district are found in Table 7.2 or on the interactive Permitted Uses page.  Zoning buffers can be found in Article 10 - Buffers but this does not cover buffers around streams and lakes.  Please contact us for assistance about home occupations, signs, off-street parking and other specialized requirements.

Where can I get a survey of my property?

The Deeds and Records office maintains the official record of plats within Cherokee County.  They can be reached at 678-493-6538 .  For recent plats, there is a hyperlink from the parcel details on the Geocortex site to the Deeds and Records online database.  If you click on "View Plat", you may be able to find the relevant plat quickly and easily.  If there is no plat on file, you must hire a surveyor in order to obtain a survey of the property.

How can I determine if a specific lot is buildable?

Building permits can only be issued on lots of record as defined in Article 5 - General Provisions.  The extent to which a lot is buildable depends upon a number of factors which include but are not limited to zoning, building setbacks, buffers, access, easements, topography, utilities and soil types.  Some of this information is available on different layers within the Geocortex website. Setbacks, buffers and easements are typically documented on plats that are on file at the Deeds and Records office (see question above).

How can I obtain a copy of the Rezoning Resolution with the conditions placed on a specific property?

Many of the recent resolutions are available through the Transparency page if your have the applicants name or case number. If you don't have that information, you can find it on the Geocortex website by turning on the Resolutions layer within the Zoning group.  This layer includes information about rezoning cases beginning in 2000.  With this information, you can go back to the Transparency page to search for the digital copy of the document.






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