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The Tax Commissioner is responsible for the registration of motor vehicles and the collection of all registration fees, taxes and penalites specified by Georgia Law.  Title Ad valorem taxes or Ad Valorem taxes, if due, are collected when the vehicle is registered.

All motor vehicles 1986 and newer must be titled (not applicable to trailers weighing less than 2000 lbs.)

Vehicles purchased from an individual or buisness (not a dealership) must be registered within 7 days of the purcase date.

Vehicles purchased from a dealership must be registered within 30 days of the purchase date.

Individuals moving to Georgia have 30 calendar days after establishing their residency to register their vehicles. However, if your out-of-state registration is not current, you should come to the Cherokee County Tag office as soon as possible.


New Motor Vehicle Title Tax Effective March 1, 2013

House Bill 386 removes the sales tax and the annual ad valorem tax on newly-purchased vehicles.  It replaces these taxes with a new title tax of 6.75% in 2014 and 7% in 2015. The title ad valorem tax is charged based on the Department of Revenue's fair market value for that specific vehicle, not on the purchase price of the vehicle.

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A Valid Georgia driver's license or Georgia Identification card is required as personal identification when you title or register or make other changes to your account. Georgia Department of Revenue Motor Vehicle Division uses the Georgia driver's license number as an account number so that all vehicles owned or leased by an individual can be consolidated in one account.


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