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Property tax bills are mailed out in early October of each year and payment is due December 20th. Taxes not paid by December 20th are considered delinquent and will incur interest at the rate prescribed by law per month on any portion unpaid.  At 90 days delinquent  a Fi.Fa. (tax lien) fee of $22.50 (on bills less than $100.00) or $32.50 ( on bills more than $100.00)  There is also a  5% penalty every 120 days to max out at 20%, figured on the remaining balance still due.           

If you have not received a tax bill by September 15th or if you are a new property owner and cannot obtain a tax bill from the previous owner, please call our office at 678-493-6400.

Checks should be made payable to Cherokee County Tax Commissioner. Mail payments to:

2780 Marietta Hwy

Canton, GA 30114

The county tax records must, by law, reflect the owner of record as of January 1 of the taxable year. The taxable year is defined as January 1 through December 31. If you purchased the property after January 1, a property tax return (to declare taxable property you own) should be filed with the Tax Assessors' Office between January 1 and April 1 of the following year. A properly completed PT-61 Real Estate Transfer Declaration form filed with the Clerk of Superior Court may serve as a property tax return if the property has not been subdivided, changed or improved and the transfer tax has been paid. The preceding year's final valuation will be considered as your returned value unless a new return is filed with the Tax Assessors.


Mortgage Company Billing Information

Usually escrow accounts are set up by mortgage companies for payment of property taxes.  Please note Cherokee County only mails a copy of the tax bill to the homeowner (as of January 1).  Typically your mortgage company will use a third party company to obtain a copy of your tax bill, however, if your mortgage company has recently changed or if you are a new homeowner, you should send a copy of the tax bill to the mortgage company.  The homeowner is still responsible for making sure taxes are paid by the due date.


Refunds are mailed approximately 14 business days after payments are posted. Overpayments are issued to the party who made the most recent payment. Overpayments received from a tax service will be returned to the tax service for processing, rather than the mortgage companies they are servicing. 

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