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Prior to making a request for open records, citizens and entities should familiarize themselves with the Georgia Open Records Act, specifically section 50-18-72 which specifies what types of public disclosure are not allowed and section 50-18-71 which details the costs expected to be recovered by the County for Open Record requests for searching, retrieval, redaction and copies of documents. This section also includes requests fulfilled by the County but not paid for by the person(s) or entity making the request.

Please note, for Sheriff's Office requests and Court related documents, please visit their respective websites to open a request.


Cherokee County's Open Records Resolution 
Records Custodian List by Department
Georgia's Open Meetings & Open Records Guide 7th Edition-ACCG 2016
Georgia's Open Records Act 2015

Lobbyist Information

Georgia Government Transparency and Finance Commission Provides general information regarding requirements for registering and reporting for Lobbyist in the State of Georgia

Lobbyist Working on Behalf of Cherokee County:
Steven Swindell, County Tax Assessor, Filer ID L20090423
Association County Commissioners of Georgia (ACCG). Cherokee County participates in the Association County Commissioners of Georgia (ACCG). The ACCG engages in lobbying the Georgia state legislature. Cherokee County paid $13,139.94 in association dues to ACCG in 2014.
National Association of Counties (NaCo) Cherokee County is also a member of the National Association of Counties (NaCo), a national taxpayer-funded lobbying organization, and paid $2,776 for membership dues in 2013/14.
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