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Building Permits And Inspections
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Permits are issued to contractors licensed by the State of Georgia or their qualified agents. Homeowners may also obtain a permit to build their own residence. See "Homeowner's Affidavit"                                                   




Permits are required for the following
  • New single-family residence
  • Additions (bedrooms, bathrooms, family rooms, decks, garages, etc.)
  • Renovation work (replacing windows, remodeling kitchens, bathrooms,etc.)
  • Basement finishes
  • Storage, sheds, detached accessory structures 120 square feet or larger (plans designed by a professional will be required if the structure is 2,000 square feet or larger) 
Permits are not needed for
  • Wallpapering, painting, tiling, carpeting, cabinets, counter tops
  • Storage, sheds, playhouses less than 120 square feet
  • fences
  • retaining walls that are not over 2 feet in height

If you are not sure whether you require a permit or not, email us at, this will save you time and avoid penalty fees if you begin construction without a permit.

Requirements for new single family residence

IMPORTANT NOTICE: In recent years, many common development projects were started and never completed. Either the owner was unable to sell the lots or ran out of funds to complete the project.  If you have purchased one or several of these lots you may be a TERTIARY PERMITTEE and a NOTICE OF INTENT will need to be submitted to the EPD as well as an EROSION, SEDIMENTATION AND POLLUTION CONTROL PLAN (must be developed by a certified design professional) to Cherokee County for review. For more information please contact Ana Silbernagel at or call 770-721-7816

Individuals designated by a company to obtain a permit on his/her behalf must submit an Authorized Permit Agent Form (one original form per permit) along with a copy of the contractor's license, a copy of the contractor's company license and a copy of the driver's license of the authorized permit agent.  For more information please visit the State Licensing Board for Residential and General Contractors at

Requirements for additions and renovations

  • A complete application
  • Septic permit (if applicable) - You must apply with the Office of Environmental Health prior to applying with us
  • House location plan - this could be a survey of your property or a plat of the property (for additions only). Download a sample and checklist to ensure your plat is complete for submittal
  • Affidavit - Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing affidavit (original and notarized) if applicable

Building permit fees are based on the square footage of the home, addition or renovation. All fees are due at the time of issuance of permit. Impact fees are paid separately from permit fee at this time. Write all checks payable to Cherokee County.

  • Building permit fee (check our new building permit fee calculator)
  • Certificate of occupancy $50.00
  • Impact fee $1,465.67
  • Re-inspection fee (if applicable) $25.00, $50.00 and $100.00 for first, second and third instance of same inspection.

We accept cash, check or credit cards (a convenient fee of 3% will be assessed to each credit/debit transaction - a minimum of $2.00 for all transactions under $67.00)

Inspections - Your first inspection will be Erosion Control, do not start any work until you have your erosion control in place.  Inspections are scheduled online only, visit our CityView Portal and register.  You can submit documents related to your permit, schedule inspections and see results in real time. 

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