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Any time a new tenant moves into a commercial leased/owned space, the new tenant is required to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy.  A Tenant Occupancy Change permit will ensure that the proposed business meets all building and fire safety codes and is allowed to operate under the current zoning.  A business license will not be issued without a Certificate of Occupancy. 

Application for permit: please make sure to fill out your application in its entirety.  Incomplete applications will not be accepted. Information you will need to know: 

Address of property                      Zoning                                  NAICS Code                    
Previous business type Proposed business type        Business owner name
Propery owner name    

 Permit fees: $50.00 - you may pay your fee by credit card (a convenient fee of 3% will be assessed to each credit/debit transaction - a minimum of $2.00 for all transactions under $67.00) , cash or check.

Inspections: the following departments will perform inspections at the commercial site;

                   •Building Inspections Department - inspect building, electrical, plumbing and mechanical and handicap                                compliance                                             

                   •Fire Marshal - checks exit signs and building safety required by the fire code and will determine occupancy load.

 It is the responsibility of the applicant to schedule inspections.  Please visit our CityView Portal and register to schedule inspections online

Signs: Signs must be approved by the Planning and Land Use Department.  A sign contractor should apply for a sign permit please visit their web page for more information, application and procedure for sign permits.

Health Permits: If the business will be selling or serving food (restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, fast food restaurants, etc.) a permit from Environmental Health Department is required.  Please visit their web site or call 770-479-0444.  Food permits are not transferable.

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