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Any person engaged in any business, trade, profession, or occupation and located in unincorporated Cherokee County is required to register their business with the county and obtain an occupation tax certificate. A separate certificate is required for each location/branch.

Apply for an Occupation Tax Certificate
First time applicants must submit in person to:
Development Services Center - 1130 Bluffs Parkway - Canton, Georgia 30114
Hours of operation - 8am to 5pm - Monday through Friday (We do not accept applications after 4:30pm)
  • New occupation tax certificate application (incomplete applications will not be accepted)
  • S.A.V.E affidavit notarized (we will notarize for you at no cost)
  • Copy of Certificate of Incorporation if applicable (for corporations and LLC)
  • Copy of registration of business with Deeds & Records (if not a corporation or LLC)
  • Copy of Professional State License (if applicable)
  • Copy of health inspections (if applicable: restaurants, etc.)
  • Private employer affidavit pursuant to O.C.G.A. § 60-60-6(d)
  • Sales and Use Tax Identification Number (if applicable)
  • Federal Employer Identification Number (if applicable)
  • Proof of residential address (if home occupation)
  • Proof of applicant’s identity (passport, Georgia driver’s license, military ID)
  • Payment of fees (checks payable to Cherokee County) Cash, Credit Card (Visa, Master Card, Discover)


Occupation Tax Certificate Fees
Owner (s)
The owner, if sole proprietorship or paid by salary, commission or profit, and any paid family members working for the business, will be counted as a full-time employee.                                   
Full time employee
Per employee up to a maximum of 200 employees and a maximum fee of $6,000.00
Part time employee


Home based businesses

Businesses in Cherokee County are allowed to operate from home as long as they meet the zoning criteria and follow the Home Occupation Standards. You must show proof of residency prior to approval.

You must present (2) two of the documents listed below, both documents must show the current residential address and your name.
  • Bank statement issued within the past 60 days
  • Utility bill issued within the past 60 days (water, sewer, gas, electric, cable or phone)
  • Current valid rental contracts and/or receipts for payments made within the last 60 days for rent payments with valid Cherokee County residence address
  • Employer verification (letter from employer on company letterhead stating applicant's full name and home address) or check stub stating name and address.
  • Deed, Mortgage statement, Homeowner insurance policy for current year, property tax bill for current year
  • Voter registration card
  • Auto-insurance policy with applicant’s name and current residential address
  • Georgia driver's license the GA license/ID card holder must also be present for identification
Renew your license
Existing license holders will receive a courtesy notice of renewal by email, non-receipt of the renewal notice does not relieve the business owner from the responsibility of renewing the occupation tax certificate.
Renewals due January 1 of each year
Past due after January 31 
After 90 days from the due date, a 10 percent penalty will be added to the total tax due.  If not paid, the business will be deemed closed and will be turned to the Marshal’s Office for collections.  A citation may be issued to include fines up to $1,000.00. 

Please fill out the occupation tax certificate renewal form and mail to: Development Service Center ( Make checks payable to Cherokee County ) or you can renew online!

Change address or name of business
An occupational tax certificate is not transferable. Any changes in ownership will require a new certificate. Changes of business locations will require review by our department. Businesses moving to commercial properties may be subject to inspections by the Fire Marshal and the Building Inspections Department. Please contact the Development Service Center immediately of any changes or if business has closed.
Specially licensed businesses
The following type of business activities are subject to special regulations, please visit our web page Development Service Center for more information at 770-721-7810 or email us at
  • Pawnshops
  • Pool rooms
  • Precious metals dealers
  • Adult entertainment establishments
  • Ambulance franchises
  • Alcoholic Beverage Licenses
* Please note that Peddlers license issuance has moved to the Cherokee County Probate Court, for more information please call 678-493-6160*

Development Service Center


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