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The following informational guide is provided by Cherokee County, Development Service Center. Cherokee County ordinances are enacted for the purpose of promoting the health and general welfare of the community, while establishing reasonable and ascertainable standards for the regulation and control of pawnbrokers, or similar places where money is advanced on goods or other effects, or merchandise of any kind taken in pawn and for the regulation and control of dealers in precious metals and gems.

When is a permit required?

All persons, before beginning the business of operating as a pawnbroker, precious metals and gems dealer must first file an application with Cherokee County Development Service Center . This applies to all areas of unincorporated Cherokee County.

Applying for a permit

All persons applying for a permit must be 21 years of age. The following documents are required when applying for a permit:
  1. A complete Specially Licensed Business (pawnbroker, precious metal and gems) permit application
  2. S.A.V.E. affidavit
  3. Private employer affidavit pursuant to O.C.G.A. § 60-60-6(d)
  4. Lease or proof of ownership of property (Certificate of occupancy is required for new buildings)
  5. Map/Verification of Zoning (the DSC will verify once submitted)
  6. Ownership status (copies of article of incorporation, partnerships, etc. )
  7. Proof of filing an assumed name (DBA), if applicable
  8. Background check consent form
  9. Employee permit

Background investigation

All persons filing an application for initial permit or the renewal of a permit must conduct a criminal background investigation with the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office. This is performed on an annual basis . No permit will be issued to any person convicted of a felony, unless this person has had their rights restored. Proper documentation must be provided to the Cherokee County Development Service Center.


Renewal of permit
Permits must be renewed by January 1st of each calendar year. Permits not renewed prior to February 15th of each calendar year will be revoked .

Revocation and suspension of permit

The Board of Commissioners may suspend, revoke, or place on probation any permit issued under this ordinance due to:
· Violation of the law, regulations, and ordinances
· Falsifying information provided to Cherokee County
· Failure to maintain proper permits, documentation in order to operate this business


A $50.00 Permit Fee is required at time of submittal of application and is non- refundable. Fees associated with permit conditions (i.e. electrical, security, Fire Marshal, Fire Emergency Services, Building Permit, etc. ) are in addition to the above fees mentioned and are the sole responsibility of the applicant/sponsor. A $15.00 fee will apply for background check applications and is non-refundable. Methods of payment; cash, checks or credit cards (a 3% convenience fee applies)

Any person conducting business at more than one location within unincorporated Cherokee County must obtain a separate permit for each location and pay a separate fee.


All employees of a Pawnshop and/or a Precious Metal & Gems Dealer must apply for an employee permit and a background check must be conducted. Fees are $15.00 for background checks and $10.00 permit fee (non-refundable). A picture ID will be issued and it must be displayed at the place of business for each employee.

Where to apply?

Development Service Center—Cherokee County
1130 Bluffs Parkway, Canton 30114
ph 770-721-7810
email us at
For more information visit our website
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