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Drivers operating a taxicab or vehicle for hire in the areas of unincorporated Cherokee County must apply for a Business License from Cherokee County Development Service Center.  All vehicles must be insured and inspected to meet our safety standards.  

Vehicles for Hire license requirements

Be at least 21 years of age

Be a citizen of the United States, legal resident or have employment authorization

Submit the following application and documentation in person to the Development Service Center: 

A Vehicle for Hire license is not transferable.  All businesses must also pay an Occupation Tax Certificate.  A person may operate a Vehicle for Hire business as a home occupation as long as the comply with the Home Occupation Standards (no more than two vehicles per business)

Insurance coverage

An applicant for a business license to operate a taxicab or vehicle for hire must provide proof of insurance/policy which documents that all vehicles are to be used as vehicles for hire to do business in the state and in the applicant's name.  

Proof of insurance must be submitted yearly by providing a current insurance identification card for each vehicle or by providing a verified statement from a licensed insurance agent/company. 


Vehicle Permit stickers with license

A business licensed to operate a vehicle for hire will be issued a Vehicle Permit sticker for each vehicle owned, leased or operated by such business. Please submit the following:

  • Vehicle permit application 
  • Permit fee $ 25.00
  • Two pictures of the vehicle
  • Proof of insurance (this form must be filled out by your insurance company)

Vehicles will be subject to an inspection by the County Marshal's Office to make sure each vehicle is in good safe and serviceable mechanical condition. Vehicle Permit stickers are NOT to be leased, subleased or transferred. Stickers must be displayed on the passenger's rear side window.  If a business license is suspended, all vehicle permit stickers become null and void for the period of the suspension. 

Vehicle Markings and Rates

Each taxicab will advertise the name and telephone number of the company on each side of the vehicle, it shall be permanently affixed to both sides of the vehicle.  Business license number shall be displayed on both sides with lettering at least two inches in height.  Each taxicab shall have a taxi roof light with a system functional for nighttime operation.  A schedule of rates and hours of operation must be displayed plainly visible to persons seeking to hire the vehicle.  

Operator's Permit

An operator's permit is required in order to drive a taxicab/vehicle for hire.  Operator's permit will not be issued to any driver that is not employed by a licensed company.  To obtain an Operator's Permit you must:

  • Driver's Permit application
  • Be at least 21 years of age
  • Be a citizen of the United States, legal resident or have employment authorization
  • Possess a current, valid Georgia state driver's license
  • 7 year DMVR 
  • Must speak, read and write English
  • Proof of employment
  • Background check/fingerprint consent form ($ 36.25 paid directly to GAPS by credit card only)
  • Permit fee $ 50.00 includes application fee and ID badge
  • Photo ID (picture will be taken by the Development Service Center) 

All Operators' Permits will expire two years after the date issued, it is the responsibility of the permittee to renew his permit and pay applicable fees. 

For detailed information on our ordinance please go to Cherokee County Code of Ordinances - Chapter 66 - Vehicles for Hire 

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