Blue Ridge Judicial Circuit The Courts of the Blue Ridge Judicial Circuit and Cherokee County will continue to operate under the Judicial Emergency Order governing operation of the Courts of this State entered by Chief Justice Harold Melton of the Supreme Court of Georgia on March 14, 2020. The Courts will remain open to address essential functions as provided in the Judicial Emergency Order. Court proceedings will remain open to the public. (view latest emergency order)

The Tax Assessor and Tax Comissioner Offices are re-opening June 1 with distancing, traffic flow patterns, and sanitizing protocols in place. Your patience with our staff and fellow taxpayers is appreciated during this slow return to normal.

The following facilities will remain closed to the general public until further notice:

Please see the press release section on our COVID-19 web page and continue to visit that page for the latest updates.

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Tax Commissioner's Office

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Due to the growing COVID-19 coronavir

Posted: Mar-17-2020 | view story

Sonya Little
Tax Commissioner
(678) 493-6400

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Customer Comments


Please email any comments or suggestions to taxcommissioner@cherokeega.com
Whenever i call with questions the customer service reps are so king. Government offices are not known for the friendly service but I appreciate the courtousy from the tag office.
Rebecca - Acworth (1-4-19)
Your clerk was amazing, my first experience with Cherokee County and i am impressed.
Hugh -Woodstock (12-18-18)
Speedy, polite and quick service. Love this tag office best government building to visit.
Katurn - Woodstock (10-18-18)
Cherokee County government office employees are always so nice and friendly.
Will - Woodstock (9-10-18)
Clerk was extremely courteous & professional. She answered & handled all questions accurately and promptly. She was a joy to work with especially on a Monday morning.
Rachael - Woodstock (10-29-18)
Keep the customer service the way you are doing it, GREAT JOB!
Russell - Woodstock (10-5-18)
I hope you are always our Tax Commissioner, great job!
Elizabeth - Canton (9-19-18)
I would challenge any state to try and beat the service and policies.  Per info I'm aware of via relatives my sate is by far the best.
Joe - Woodstock (09-11-18)
Prompt, courteous, knowledgeable service.  Thank you!
McLellow - Woodstock (8-5-18)
Your clerk turned a horrible week into a great one in just a few short moments of kindness.
Mistie - Woodstock (8-31-18)
Super fast, longline moved quick.  20 people in front of me yet i was served in less than 10 minutes.  GREAT JOB!
Larry - Woodstock (7-30-18)
Great job - really appreciate the excellent service.
Sara - Woodstock (6-25-18)
This was the nicest, friendliest experience with a tax collection office. Clerk was super helpfull which makes the process smooth.
Lacy - Woodstock (6-9-18)
Clerk was amazing, gave exceptional service.  The tag office staff in Woodstock and Canton are always first rate. Well run dept, how government should work.
Scott - Woodstock (6-1-18)
I'm proud to be a Cherokee county resident, for our tax office is the BEST. Everytime we come in we get great service. Lived in other Counties, Cherokee is by far the BEST!
Rebecca - Woodstock (5-25-18)
It is always a great experiance when I come to the tag office. Excellent Customer Service.
Kristine - Canton (5-25-18)
I arrived at 7:55 A.M. and although you weren't open yet, your team opened up and said "we figured you all have somewhere else to be so We're glad to help you on your way. So friendly, so considerate A+ for you and your staff.
Brian - Canton (5-18-18)
I was very surprised at the efficiency and friendliness of the office.
Joe - Woodstock (3-2-18)
After living in another county for 26 years - this experience was outstanding and everyone was very friendly, knowledgable and efficent.
Dixie - Woodstock (3-12-18)
Everyone was helpful as soon as I entered the door and as out in a matter of minutes.
Rodney - Woodstock (3-1-18)
Clerk was extremely helpful and informative.  She is a great representative for your office.
Jeremy - Canton (3-15-18)
Most efficent person ever in this location.
R.E. - Woodstock (3-16-18)
Very friendly and professional great service.
E. - Canton (3-7-18)
Marvelous clerk, exceded my expectations with additional senior services that I was not aware of.
Benjamen - Canton (3-6-18)
Thank you for all of your kind help in registering our trailer.
Boy Scout Troop - (3-8-17)
Kind, courteous, excellent prompt service, very pleased with the atmosphere and customer service.
Esther - Woodstock (3-9-18)
Very sweet and the smile on her face made me feel welcomed and she was quick.
Rosemary - Acworth (3-9-18)
Excellent Customer service and knowledge.
Linda - Canton (3-9-18)
Clerk was very pleasant and kind while answering all my questoins.
Rounine - Canton (2-27-18)
Gave me extra information on drive thru that I didn't know I could use.
Lillie - Woodstock (2-23-18)
This is the second time your clerk helped me, she is excellent.
Joanna - Canton(2-19-18)
She made the process of changing our Ohio registration to Georgia so easy.  Best experience since moving here.  She was over a 10 in customer service.
Robinson - Woodstock (12-11-17)
Very efficient and personable, a breath of fres air when dealing with government.
Paul - Woodstock (11-13-17)
Clerk was great in resolving all our questions and helping me in registering vehicles with military benefits and plates.
Stephanie - Canton (9-7-17)
She was phenomenal - couldn't have been more professional.
Tara - Woodstock (9-1-17)
Very polite and reminded me my license were expiring this year, I appreciated.
Joann - Woodstock (8-3-17)
Superfriendly, love this tag office.
Karen - Canton (8-3-17)
Great personality and did everything she could for my issue.
Janice - Ball Ground (7-13-17)
She was extremely helpful, courteous and informative. She is an outstanding individual and a model service person.
Bob - Woodstock (7-6-17)
This is the best customer service I have ever received in a government office. Friendly, efficient and personable! Greatly appreciated.
Chris - Alpharetta (7-3-17)
I always have the best experience when I have to come here.
Claire - Woodstock (6-15-17)
Clerk was very knowledgeable and helpful and courteous. I thank her for the great assistance.
Erwin - Woodstock (6-14-17)
Exemplary service - clean place, courteous service and move you along.
Tom - Woodstock (6-12-17)
Great professional service - other counties could learn something from Cherokee.
Dennis - Woodstock (6-10-17)
Clerk was very kind and understanding, helped me rectify my problem with ease.
Carly - Acworth (6-8-17)
Clerk was spot on, love this office it is always a breeze.
Elaine - Woodstock (6-8-17)
Best office ever! Everyone I have ever dealt with is so friendly, efficient and expedient. Thank you.
Cynthia - Woodstock (6-7-17)
Awesome Service - very friendly and helpful.
William - Woodstock (6-7-17) 
I went through the drive thru and the clerk was very fast, efficient and had excellent customer service. Thank you for a great experience.
Natasha - Woodstock (6-5-17)
Your clerk was extremely pleasant, courteous and knowledgeable. Unlike other states, this was a pleasurable experience.
Bill - Woodstock (6-1-17)
Clerk was extremely professional and she went above and beyond.
Adriana - Woodstock (5-31-17)
Comprehensive service, very knowledgeable and helpful through a resolution.
S - Woodstock (5-31-17)
Clerk was very knowledgeable, kind and compassionate in helping me work out a very difficult situation. She is a gem.
Renae - Woodstock (5-31-17)
Can you guys run every government office? I never wait, everyone is friendly and knowledgeable and your computers don't hinder your clerks.
Johan - Canton (5-26-17)
What could I possibly suggest when the service was perfect?
Ellyn - Woodstock (5-22-17)
Excellent service and knowledge, very pleasant!
Katherine - Canton (5-22-17)
Clerk was extremely helpful & pointed out some things that saved us money.
Howard - Woodstock (5-20-17)
Extremely good service and the office was serving all customers rapidly.
Louis - Woodstock (5-19-17)
Wonderful, helpful, great office wonderful employees.
Leisa - Woodstock (5-18-17)
Could not be happier with the way I was treated. Great job.
Scott - Canton (5-16-17)
As always, super service, best ever. Helpful and very friendly.
Quenttin - Woodstock (5-15-17)
Clerk was very helpful and made it a quick and painless experience.
Jacob - Woodstock (4-26-17)
Excellent Service, no suggestions!
David - Canton (4-21-17)
Was absolutely wonderful, quick, efficient and kind.  Very helpful and provided all the information needed.
Dolly - Canton (4-21-17)
Clerk was wonderful! Very courteous, patient and helpful.
David - Ball Ground (4-19-17)
Great Customer Service! Love this tag office!!
Janice - Canton (4-6-17)
Wow!! Super fast, efficient and extremely friendly and helpful.
Karen - Canton (4-3-17)
I really enjoyed your clerks attitude and level of service.  She answered all of my questions with a smile, made my visit here a pleasure.
Tray - Woodstock (3-30-17)
From top to bottom amazing customer service.  Friendly, intelligent and very helpful. A great representation of your organized office.
Bart - Canton (3-29-17)
Your customer service is above and beyond! This means more than you know.  You all rock!
Donna - Woodstock (3-22-17)
The clerk was polite, kind and very knowledgeable. She made this trip very quick and easy! So pleasant to work with!
Kelly - Canton (2-16-17)
Awesome service, super professional and personable. Helped answer all my questions easily. Thank you!
Deidra - Acworth (2-16-17)
Enthusiasm was great! Knows her job and completes it with an upbeat attitude.
Debbie - Woodstock (2-15-17)
She was very helpful and saved me some money with a veterans tag.
Larry - Woodstock (2-14-17)
Very professional and friendly service. The clerk assisted with my two vehicle registrations since we moved from California. She did a great job!
Michael - Waleska (2-7-17)
This office has the nicest people, they are very efficient and knowledgeable.
Rick - Woodstock (2-6-17)
I love this tag office, everyone here is always fantastic!
Samantha - Woodstock (2-3-17)
Was a speedy and courteous interaction. Appreciated the personal and friendly staff member.
L - Woodstock (1-27-17)
Lovely young lady.  She explained everything in detail and saved me a lot of time, she was very professional and kind.
Judith - Marietta (1-26-17)
I can't believe the ease of acquiring a tag with Cherokee County!
Shanna - Woodstock (1-24-17)
Clerk was very helpful and a very nice lady.  I am a disabled vet and she made my stop easy. Thank you all.
David - Canton (1-3-17)
Clerk was so helpful, courteous and patient. I noticed all employees and the officer were pleasant and ready to assist customers as they entered.
Beverly  - Woodstock (12-8-16)
Tax office works great!! Tax dollars well spent.
S.W. - Woodstock (11-29-16)
Very nice and knowledgeable customer service. She couldn't have been nicer.
Polly - Woodstock (11-25-16)
Very polite, courteous and approachable and Happy. Perfect customer service.
Anna - Woodstock (11-23-16)
Pleasantly surprised how all employees seem considerate of customers first.  Even wished someone a Happy Birthday.
Marie - Acworth (11-22-16)
Clerk was outstanding, knowledgeable, efficient and cordial - a wonderful combination.
James - Woodstock (11-19-16)
Clerk was knowledgeable, courteous and fast.  She is a great employee and representation of the tax office.
Tim - Woodstock (11-09-16)
Exceptional service as always. You have great employees and they deserve a big thank you.
Tina - Woodstock (11-09-16)
Very timely service, lived in another County for 11 years and it was always an all day event.  What a GREAT change!
Ed - Canton (11-08-16)
Every time I come in to this office I am treated with a friendly smile and top efficiency.  Cherokee County you are the best!!
Jeanne - Woodstock (10-19-16)
Was friendly, professional and quick.  Amazing experience here today.
Stacy - Canton (10-07-16)
Service is always great, fast and friendly. Everyone is always very knowledgeable.
Rachel - Canton (10-07-16)
Everyone is so pleasant & helpful.  Your people give government employees a GREAT name.
Steve - Canton (10-06-16)
Best tax collection office.
Patrick - Woodstock (10-04-16)
Always a pleasure. Third time I have been here for services and always helpful. Thanks!
Leslie - Canton (10-03-2016)
Absolutely wonderful staff. Efficiency is like no other county, city municipality in Georgia. You are never here more than 5 minutes. Your team is sharp, knowledgeable and they work well together.
Michael - Woodstock (09-28-16)
Really friendly and immediately knew what to do for my situation. Very professional.
William - Woodstock (09-27-16)
Your clerk was wonderful!! So friendly and very helpful. Excellent customer service.
Debi - Woodstock (09-27-16)
Clerk helped me out a lot with my transaction.  She was very polite.
Jena - Canton (09-27-16)
Your clerk was very diligent about looking into my situation.  Her professional demeanor was refreshing. I am a new resident to the county and it made me a happy one!
Rachelle - Canton (09-20-16)
As always SUPERB customer service! Makes dealing with an otherwise cumbersome task more pleasurable.
Steele - Canton (08-03-16)
Your clerk was friendly, courteous and knowledgeable.  She helped us a lot.
Cathy - Canton (08-03-16)
Your clerk was very courteous and pleasant.  Explained everything and helped me with all my decision. Thank you.
Bruce - Canton (08-02-16)
The clerk is an asset to your office.  Wonderful service and very pleasant.
Debra - Ball Ground (08-01-16)
The clerk was very helpful - she gave me a list of all we needed and was very professional and kind.
Glenn - Acworth (07-29-16)
Great customer service and thank you for being so polite and easy to deal with.
Patricia - Woodstock (07-29-16)
The clerk was exceptional in helping us and answering our questions, She's awesome!
Julie - Canton (07-29-16)
We loved the clerk-she is so polite and helpful, really helped us out.  Great customer service both times we came in.
Keilani - Canton (07-28-16)
This was a great experience! The clerk did such a good efficient job and made the process easy and painless!
JG - Woodstock (07-28-16)
They were very sweet & helpful in getting a tag and title for our car. Great Service! :-)
Anna - Canton (07-19-16)
Always a pleasure to visit the Cherokee Tag office!
Jason - Canton (07-17-16)
I have been to many DMV's and tag offices being retired Air Force, never have I been in one this pleasant and professional. Thank you for making this difficult time run smoothly.
Pam - Canton (06-22-16)
Fantastic service, very helpful providing paperwork for a rebuilt title application.  This office always provides outstanding service.
R. - Woodstock (06-17-16)
Very professional and pleasant.  Made my experience stress free. It was greatly appreciated, made me feel comfortable.
Sherryl - Canton (06-14-16)
Excellent service with a great smile. It is a good feeling to see your associates appreciate their customers and jobs.
Bob - Canton (06-06-16)
The staff in this office is some of the best I have ever had to deal within Cherokee County.
LE - Canton (05-27-16)
The clerk was very professional, courteous and knowledgeable, she made me feel comfortable.
Rosetta - Canton (05-20-16)
Very knowledgeable and courteous, you are lucky to have this clerk.
Michael - Canton (5-17-16)
Super service and genuine kindness - love working with this office, very efficient.
Robert - Holly Springs (5-6-16)
Always have had a pleasant experience here in this office, staff is always great.
Mark - Canton (5-4-16)
Your clerk is extremely helpful and I am grateful to her, very professional.
April - Canton (5-14-16)
The clerk went the extra mile researching to find out which Military plate I am eligible for.
Ron - Woodstock (4-19-16)
The customer service rep was really helpful, attentive and resolved my questions.
Kathy - Canton (4-19-16)
Very professional and helpful, I love that I never have to wait for long in this office.
Ron - Canton (4-14-16) 
Your clerk was very cheerful and helpful, even though I was an unorganized mess.
Robin - Woodstock (04-12-16)
Your clerk was extremely courteous, knowledgeable and helpful.
Bob - Ball Ground (03-18-16)
Always do a good job here.. .fast, efficient and courteous.  Thank you for a job well done.
Glenna - Woodstock (3-17-16)
Clerk was great.. she was prompt and very friendly, made this a great experience.
Melanie - Acworth (3-8-16)
Clerk was extremely helpful and very personable.
Donna - Woodstock (3-2-16)
Always have enjoyed professional manner and empathetic meeting with happy employees. Thank you all. 
 George - Canton (02-04-16)
Thank you to Everyone here for being so nice and helpful every time I come in.
David - Canton (02-02-16)
The clerk is just an asset to your office.. she is precious, kind and so helpful!
Melissa - Canton (01-28-16)
The clerk today was the most professional / respectful clerk we have ever experienced. Super friendly.
Andre - Canton (01-26-16)
I applied for my Veteran Tags and your clerk was very helpful and professional.
Dennis - Canton (1-15-16)
Love everyone here, you are always so polite and courteous.
Angela - Canton (1-14-16)
Always a fine experience - great folks, makes me proud we live in Cherokee County.
Bob - Holly Springs (1-9-16)
This office is always helpful whenever I come in.
David - Canton (1-7-16)
Excellent Service provided information I was not aware of to help me.
Ralph - Woodstock (1-6-16)
Your clerk made renewing my tags an effortless matter and your receptionist made my day with her smile and great customer service.
Lue - Canton (1-6-16)
This is the best government organization I have ever encountered.. I hope it never changes.
Kevin - Canton (1-2-16)
Best service I've had from a government agency!
Karen - Canton (12-30-15)
The clerk was exceptional. I had alot of problems with my tag from the dealer and she has been amazingly helpful.
Jeffrey - Canton (12-29-15)
The clerk made a ver anxious situation seamless. Coming from out of state I expected a big hasse, she was kind, patient and smiled the whole time.  Great customer service.
Jay - Canton (12-23-15)
Always great service, friendly to everyone I heard her speak with.  Keep up the great work.
Ryles - Woodstock (12-23-15)
Very helpful and patient whle we asked questionsabout transferring a title and gettin a tag... great employee.
M - Woodstock (12-23-15)
She went over and above what she needed to do.. just to make it easier for me.  She is the BEST!
Kristi - Canton (12-17-15)
Everyone is ALWAYS friendly and helpful... Happy to be in Cherokee.
Jennifer - Canton (12-12-15)
Very impressed with this young lady and her knowledge of the paperwork required to transfer title from another state.  She was very friendly, professional, and acommodating.
Anthony - Canton (12-8-15)
Your clerk was very polite and extremely knowledgable and we appreciate her time and patience.
Sabina - Woodstock (11-7-15)
The clerk that helped me today has always been wonderful.
Bruce - Woodstock (11-2-15)
Your clerk was very helpful and thorough with helping me. Awesome Job.
Mark - Canton (10-28-15)
Everyone is always nice and it is always fast.
Smith - Canton (10-28-15)
Service was incredibly fast today! I am very impressed with the efficiency an professionalism of this office.
Kathy - Woodstock (10-27-15)
Extremely helpful and took the time to resolve an issue with my insurance company. Thank you!
Rebecca - Woodstock (10-23-15)
Just plain fantastic! So helpful and patient.
George - Woodstock (10-1-15)
Thank you for your service with a smile.
Amy - Woodstock (10-1-15)
Dealing with this ofice is a pleasure.
Mark - Canton (9-25-15)

You clerk was v ery friendly and helpful.This is the best service I have ever had in a government establishment.
Mameyacine - Canton (9-23-15)
Awesome Service, friendly and attentive and so helpful. So much better than the county I came from.
Mario - Woodstock (9-22-15)
Your clerk is sweet and patient, and she made a process that couldve been painful and tedious... an easy-going experience.
Alexander - Acworth (9-16-15)
The clerk was very patient with me and my situation to register a vehicle.  I really appreciated her.
Scotty - Woodstock (9-15-15)
Thank you! New resident from Tennessee, Laws of GA were unknow and unfamiliar with had lots of help... thanks again.
Cherrie - Catnon (9-14-15)
I couldn't have gotten better customer service if I had been behind the counter myself!
Price - Woodstock (9-11-15)
Extremely polite and helpful, every County should be more like here.
Cherry - Canton (8-14-15)
Great- I am 63 and this is the only tag office of my life that I did not dread going to.  Thanks for the consistently great, friendly service.
Jessica - (8-13-15)
Fantastic Service - exceeded my expectations for a government oranization.  Thank you!
Kevin - Canton (8-19-15)
In the last two days, I worked with several employees they were always courteous and professional.
ES-Woodstock (7-30-15)
The clerk was peronsable and courteous and very attentive to deail, loved working with her.
Lisa- Canton (05-07-15)
I have lived all over Georgia and been to many tag offices, and this by far, is the friendliest and most helpful office and staff. 
Colleen - Canton (05-01-15)
Very sweet and friendly, enjoyed your clerks sweet smile and nice manners.  All the staff appeared to be excellent.
June- Woodstock (01-09-15)
Everyone in this office has been cempetent and friendly to me when I come in.
Marguerite - Woodstock (01-08-15)
Excellent customer service, very knowledgeable and helpful and resourceful.
Jeff - Woodstock (01-07-15)
Absolutely a very efficiently ran office.  Appreciate the fine work of everyone - it is always the same experience each time I come in.  Thank you.
Jeanne - Woodstock (12-8-14)
Outstanding, never thought I would say that at the tag office.  But the clerk answered all my questions and was delightful.
Dwight - Woodstock (11-26-14)
Outstanding help, way beyond expectations-friendly, competanta and responsive.  Your clerk is a wonderful professional and exper at "customer service", thanks so much. She was a delight.
Jim - Woodstock (11-13-14)
The clerk was exremely helpful and went above and beyond to make sure everything was handled.  She was very friendly and courteous in helpin us, we really appreciate it.
Aditia - Canton (10-31-14)
The young lady was very gracious and kind.  She was quick to answer all my questions and concerns.
Char - Canton (10-31-14)
A very pleasureable event, the clerk took the time and extra effort to explain our options which allowed us to make an informed decision.
Tom - Woodstock (10-28-14)
All of your clerks are always so courteous and professional.  It's always a pleasure to do business with the staff here.
Tyrus - Woodstock (10-22-14)
In all the years I have dealt with you folks at the Cherokee County Tag Office, I have never encountered anything but courtesy, helpfulness, and professionalism. 
Russell - Canton (10-14-14)
The clerk was very knowledgeable and curtious, she went out of her way to answer my questions.
Brett - Holly Springs (9-12-14)
No waiting and everything was smooth and easy.
Lana - Canton (9-8-14)
Your clerk helped me get tags that showed my service to our Country and saved me money.
Michael - Woodstock (9-5-14)
Very pleasant and helpful. She was happy and smiling had a great personality.
Camille - Woodstock (9-5-14)
I am so impressed with the efficiency and personalized service at this office... a very pleasant experience and I am not sure other counties could compare.
Barbara - Roswell (9-5-14)
Every person was so helpful, professions and had a good attitude- Great Group of employees.
Regina - Canton (8-20-14)
I have always received excellent service at this office.
Garey - Canton (8-13-14)
Your clerk was personable, funny and made the process and the cost bearable.
Joann - Canton (8-8-14)
I was blown away by your clerks thoughtfulness and help.  She genuinely went out of her way to solve my issue.
Eden - Woostock (7-23-14)
Most friendly customer service representative I have come across in a long time.  Very professional and courteous, thank you!
Keith - Woodstock (7-22-14)
Your staff is great, always very helpful in resolving problems.
Keno - Canton (7-31-14)
Happy that my wait in line was less than 10 minutes, the best ever.
Marie - Woodstock (7-31-14)
Your clerk was very polite and friendly.  She made coming to the tax office a pleasurable experience.
Ken - Woostock (7-31-14)
Great to deal with, it's rare to have a good exeperience at a government office.
Ayussa - Canton (6-1-14)
Your clerk was very friendly; she helped me notice my dealer overcharged me on my tax.
Mike – Woodstock (8-14-13)
I love the tag office; it is too smooth to be a government agency.
Jason – Acworth (8-9-13)
I had superb customer service, friendly, complete and comprehensive. A delight to deal with, she is a winner.
Brenda – Canton (8-8-13)
My husband is hard of hearing and your clerk was so patient with him. It just made things easier. Thanks and see you next year.
Bonnie – Woodstock (8-5-13)
All of the staff members that work here are friendly and helpful; great customer service. Thank you.
Janet – Woodstock (7-26-13)
I always get good/excellent service at this tag office.
Michael – Canton (7-3-13)
No problems, the clerk explained the new tax on two new cars. I don’t understand why other people complain. I had 8 tags and was done in less than 5 minutes,great job
Ned – Woodstock (6-4-13)
IT was very refreshing to walk in a government office and see everyone smiling and speaking to the customers.
Izella-Woodstock (5-17-13)
I have never had such a great experience in a tag office.
Paula - Woodstock (5-17-13)
This is the most efficiently run office. The clerk was extremely knowledgeable, very efficient and patient. Very Very pleased with the service! Thank you! I was done in less than 5 minutes.
Jeanne - Woodstock (1-23-13)
Never had a bad experience in this office, all the employees are top notch.
Alley - Canton (1-16-13)
This is the only tag ofice I have been in that everybody is courteous and willing o help resolve a problem.
Georga - Canton (01-03-2013)
We had a very complicated itle transfer transaction with a death, Power or Attorney and Trust. We were given all the info needed and our options on how to proceed. So refreshing from a tax office.
Richard - Canton (12-29-12)
Been here twice and this is the best experience EVER at a tag office! Great customer service, wish it was like that everywhere.
Darryl - Woodstock (12-7-12)
I wish all government service offices were staffed with the level of professional employees as this office is.
Steve – Woodstock (11-2-12)
This is the best tag office I’ve ever been to.
John – Canton (10-30-12)
Having to transfer a vehicle into my name, after both my parents passed this year, wasn’t anything I “planned” to do. Your clerk made this a painless transaction; she was very polite and explained everything.
Beth – Acworth (10-23-12)
The teller was very compassionate and knowledgeable. It made my experience easier.
Dianne – Ball Ground (10-22-12)
Your clerk was extremely nice to me. She answered all my questions and was very pleasant.
Stacy – Canton (10-12-12)
Professionalism is seldom found today and your clerk could teach many others just how to do it.
Gregory – Canton (8-20-12)
Your clerk was extremely sweet! I’ve called the office several times to check on the status of my title work and everyone has been super helpful!
Tina – Acworth (7-17-12)
This was by far the BEST tag office experience I have ever had!
Rob – Canton (7-15-12)
In and out of your Woodstock location in 5 minutes, super service!
Jeff – Woodstock (7-2-12)
The clerk went above and beyond during both visits to solve a strange and complicated situation.
Derek – Canton (7-2-12)
Your clerk could not have been more friendly and helpful! She was wonderful and helped me “far beyond” what I expected.
Jan – Woodstock (6-18-12)
The clerk went out of her way to assist me with my problem.
RG – Waleska (6-11-12)
It’s always a pleasure to come in here and get a tag.
Linda – Canton (6-8-12)
Your clerk was very knowledgeable and was able to make my day lovely; based on the Great Customer Service - - I love this place...
Larry – Woodstock (6-1-12)
The staff at the Woodstock branch is the friendliest, most helpful and courteous customer service people I have ever dealt with. Thank you!
Martin – Woodstock (6-1-12)
She was great, best customer service at a tag office ever!!
Bryon - Canton (5-21-12)
The nicest experience I have EVER had in a government office.
Jenny- Woodstock (5-21-12)
Your clerk helped me resolve a title issue, she personally called me back in an hour to tell me the issue was handled and I could come register my bike. When I came in that clerk was also nice.
Jennifer – Canton (5-18-12)
Your clerk was very sweet and patient; I really enjoyed my transactions.
Evy – Canton (5-12-12)
She was caring and extremely helpful. She went above and beyond her duties. She is as good as they get.
Paul - Woodstock (5-12-12)
Outstanding and patient service, I gave them a lot of work and it was quick and efficient. Thank you!
Walt- Acworth (5-10-12)
First time purchase of a vehicle, I had a lot of questions. Your clerk was very patient and knowledgeable and everything went smoothly.
Laura – Woodstock (5-9-12)
Clerk was very sweet, knowledgeable and professional in both my transactions.
Kimberly – Woodstock (4-10-12)
They were super sweet, professional and helpful. What a pleasant experience!
Shawn – Canton (4-9-12)
You guys treated me like a family member. All of you are so nice, so solicitous! I look forward to having another Cherokee County transaction.
Larry – Woodstock
Very friendly and helpful! Thank you for laminating my handicap card! A great addition!
Pat – Canton (3-29-12)
Excellent service, wonderful representation of the County.
Pat – Woodstock (3-28-12)
Your staff was incredible! I couldn’t be more pleased with all the help I received in getting my title and tags.
Matt – Woodstock (3-28-11)
Much easier than I expected... great first experience.
Blair – Canton (3-24-12)
Best Tag office in the State!! Been here 3 times and every time has been wonderful.
Jeff- Acworth (3-13-12)
This took less than 3-5 minutes, Thanks!
Buddy- Canton
Wow! No one expects a DMV worker to be so polite and knowledgeable!
James – Woodstock
Reward these workers for a job well done!
John – Ball Ground
So nice to be greeted by a positive and smiling person, especially on a Friday!
Kelley – Woodstock
I was impressed with how fast I was able to get in and out of your office.
John- Canton
The line moved quickly. All employees were happy and efficient.
Carolyn- Woodstock
Fastest service ever in a government agency, Cherokee County does it right.
Deborah- Woodstock
I was in your office today to register a new car. I have been use to the horrible service in the last county I lived in, so I was ready for a gut wrenching battle. Your people were so kind, helpful and efficient, I was left speechless. Thank you for setting a new standard for the way government is supposed to serve the people. Job well done!
Jason – Woodstock
This office runs like a well-oiled machine, not what you would expect.
Britten – Woodstock
Your clerk was GREAT! Best customer service at a government office! My insurance card had a VIN error and the clerk went the extra mile to get it corrected, saving me the time of another trip.
Thomas – Canton
Great service, very pleasant! Glad to see government employees who have an outstanding and happy manner.
Brooke – Woodstock
This office is the friendliest and most efficient government office I ever go to.
Paul – Canton
I would love to work in this office – what a wonderful group of hard working, polite and helpful folks! It’s a pleasure to come here; thank you for asking my opinion.
Vicki – Roswell
I asked additional questions in regards to county business and your clerk not only answered those questions, she went online and printed off a most “Frequently Asked Questions” page and gave me directions to the other facility. As someone not raised in this area- I appreciate the extra assistance and the awesome service.
Ms. Palmer – Canton
This is the third time I have had dealings with your office, and each time have been wonderful.
Bob – Woodstock
After moving from another state we are delighted with your DMV… it is fast, courteous and friendly.
Robert – Canton
I’m a general manager of a local business; I appreciate the excellent service that my company receives at your office.
Sharon – Acworth
The best tag office in the world!
Outstanding service, I always enjoy coming here, the staff is always very helpful. Thank you!
Best service ever!! I love Cherokee County, much better than the county I moved from.
I am a newcomer to Georgia, your office made me feel very welcomed.
Excellent customer service! Great employee! I would love to employ her if we had a position at my company, good employees are hard to find!
Keep up the good work! This is the best tag office that I have ever dealt with, please don’t change.
William – Woodstock
This is one time where dealing with a government agency is a pleasure, service was great!
Robert – Waleska
The office was very professional, efficient and courteous operation. This includes the phone call I made to the agency prior to my visit.
Don- Woodstock
I went to the tag office after moving to Georgia and I took my book with me, so I wouldn’t waste my time during the “usual” long wait. My total experience is that auto license offices are painfully slow and provide dismal experiences. However, I was pleasantly surprised! I was quickly processed by your teller. She answered my questions and provided good information to me as a new resident. I was impressed by her attitude and service as well as your office in general. You look to be an exception to the local/state/federal government norm of bureaucracy and poor service to citizens.
Dudley – Canton
As usual, the best service for any government agency.
Jim – Woodstock
Treated me courteously and professionally and she understands the business of the tag office.
Carlos – Canton
12 people in line in front of me and I was in and out in 15 minutes. WOW!! Thank you.
Maria – Woodstock
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