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Tax Commissioner's Office

Customer Comments


Please email any comments or suggestions to taxcommissioner@cherokeega.com
I was very surprised at the efficiency and friendliness of the office.
Joe - Woodstock (3-2-18)
After living in another county for 26 years - this experience was outstanding and everyone was very friendly, knowledgable and efficent.
Dixie - Woodstock (3-12-18)
Everyone was helpful as soon as I entered the door and as out in a matter of minutes.
Rodney - Woodstock (3-1-18)
Clerk was extremely helpful and informative.  She is a great representative for your office.
Jeremy - Canton (3-15-18)
Most efficent person ever in this location.
R.E. - Woodstock (3-16-18)
Very friendly and professional great service.
E. - Canton (3-7-18)
Marvelous clerk, exceded my expectations with additional senior services that I was not aware of.
Benjamen - Canton (3-6-18)
Thank you for all of your kind help in registering our trailer.
Boy Scout Troop - (3-8-17)
Kind, courteous, excellent prompt service, very pleased with the atmosphere and customer service.
Esther - Woodstock (3-9-18)
Very sweet and the smile on her face made me feel welcomed and she was quick.
Rosemary - Acworth (3-9-18)
Excellent Customer service and knowledge.
Linda - Canton (3-9-18)
Clerk was very pleasant and kind while answering all my questoins.
Rounine - Canton (2-27-18)
Gave me extra information on drive thru that I didn't know I could use.
Lillie - Woodstock (2-23-18)
This is the second time your clerk helped me, she is excellent.
Joanna - Canton(2-19-18)
She made the process of changing our Ohio registration to Georgia so easy.  Best experience since moving here.  She was over a 10 in customer service.
Robinson - Woodstock (12-11-17)
Very efficient and personable, a breath of fres air when dealing with government.
Paul - Woodstock (11-13-17)
Clerk was great in resolving all our questions and helping me in registering vehicles with military benefits and plates.
Stephanie - Canton (9-7-17)
She was phenomenal - couldn't have been more professional.
Tara - Woodstock (9-1-17)
Very polite and reminded me my license were expiring this year, I appreciated.
Joann - Woodstock (8-3-17)
Superfriendly, love this tag office.
Karen - Canton (8-3-17)
Great personality and did everything she could for my issue.
Janice - Ball Ground (7-13-17)
She was extremely helpful, courteous and informative. She is an outstanding individual and a model service person.
Bob - Woodstock (7-6-17)
This is the best customer service I have ever received in a government office. Friendly, efficient and personable! Greatly appreciated.
Chris - Alpharetta (7-3-17)
I always have the best experience when I have to come here.
Claire - Woodstock (6-15-17)
Clerk was very knowledgeable and helpful and courteous. I thank her for the great assistance.
Erwin - Woodstock (6-14-17)
Exemplary service - clean place, courteous service and move you along.
Tom - Woodstock (6-12-17)
Great professional service - other counties could learn something from Cherokee.
Dennis - Woodstock (6-10-17)
Clerk was very kind and understanding, helped me rectify my problem with ease.
Carly - Acworth (6-8-17)
Clerk was spot on, love this office it is always a breeze.
Elaine - Woodstock (6-8-17)
Best office ever! Everyone I have ever dealt with is so friendly, efficient and expedient. Thank you.
Cynthia - Woodstock (6-7-17)
Awesome Service - very friendly and helpful.
William - Woodstock (6-7-17) 
I went through the drive thru and the clerk was very fast, efficient and had excellent customer service. Thank you for a great experience.
Natasha - Woodstock (6-5-17)
Your clerk was extremely pleasant, courteous and knowledgeable. Unlike other states, this was a pleasurable experience.
Bill - Woodstock (6-1-17)
Clerk was extremely professional and she went above and beyond.
Adriana - Woodstock (5-31-17)
Comprehensive service, very knowledgeable and helpful through a resolution.
S - Woodstock (5-31-17)
Clerk was very knowledgeable, kind and compassionate in helping me work out a very difficult situation. She is a gem.
Renae - Woodstock (5-31-17)
Can you guys run every government office? I never wait, everyone is friendly and knowledgeable and your computers don't hinder your clerks.
Johan - Canton (5-26-17)
What could I possibly suggest when the service was perfect?
Ellyn - Woodstock (5-22-17)
Excellent service and knowledge, very pleasant!
Katherine - Canton (5-22-17)
Clerk was extremely helpful & pointed out some things that saved us money.
Howard - Woodstock (5-20-17)
Extremely good service and the office was serving all customers rapidly.
Louis - Woodstock (5-19-17)
Wonderful, helpful, great office wonderful employees.
Leisa - Woodstock (5-18-17)
Could not be happier with the way I was treated. Great job.
Scott - Canton (5-16-17)
As always, super service, best ever. Helpful and very friendly.
Quenttin - Woodstock (5-15-17)
Clerk was very helpful and made it a quick and painless experience.
Jacob - Woodstock (4-26-17)
Excellent Service, no suggestions!
David - Canton (4-21-17)
Was absolutely wonderful, quick, efficient and kind.  Very helpful and provided all the information needed.
Dolly - Canton (4-21-17)
Clerk was wonderful! Very courteous, patient and helpful.
David - Ball Ground (4-19-17)
Great Customer Service! Love this tag office!!
Janice - Canton (4-6-17)
Wow!! Super fast, efficient and extremely friendly and helpful.
Karen - Canton (4-3-17)
I really enjoyed your clerks attitude and level of service.  She answered all of my questions with a smile, made my visit here a pleasure.
Tray - Woodstock (3-30-17)
From top to bottom amazing customer service.  Friendly, intelligent and very helpful. A great representation of your organized office.
Bart - Canton (3-29-17)
Your customer service is above and beyond! This means more than you know.  You all rock!
Donna - Woodstock (3-22-17)
The clerk was polite, kind and very knowledgeable. She made this trip very quick and easy! So pleasant to work with!
Kelly - Canton (2-16-17)
Awesome service, super professional and personable. Helped answer all my questions easily. Thank you!
Deidra - Acworth (2-16-17)
Enthusiasm was great! Knows her job and completes it with an upbeat attitude.
Debbie - Woodstock (2-15-17)
She was very helpful and saved me some money with a veterans tag.
Larry - Woodstock (2-14-17)
Very professional and friendly service. The clerk assisted with my two vehicle registrations since we moved from California. She did a great job!
Michael - Waleska (2-7-17)
This office has the nicest people, they are very efficient and knowledgeable.
Rick - Woodstock (2-6-17)
I love this tag office, everyone here is always fantastic!
Samantha - Woodstock (2-3-17)
Was a speedy and courteous interaction. Appreciated the personal and friendly staff member.
L - Woodstock (1-27-17)
Lovely young lady.  She explained everything in detail and saved me a lot of time, she was very professional and kind.
Judith - Marietta (1-26-17)
I can't believe the ease of acquiring a tag with Cherokee County!
Shanna - Woodstock (1-24-17)
Clerk was very helpful and a very nice lady.  I am a disabled vet and she made my stop easy. Thank you all.
David - Canton (1-3-17)
Clerk was so helpful, courteous and patient. I noticed all employees and the officer were pleasant and ready to assist customers as they entered.
Beverly  - Woodstock (12-8-16)
Tax office works great!! Tax dollars well spent.
S.W. - Woodstock (11-29-16)
Very nice and knowledgeable customer service. She couldn't have been nicer.
Polly - Woodstock (11-25-16)
Very polite, courteous and approachable and Happy. Perfect customer service.
Anna - Woodstock (11-23-16)
Pleasantly surprised how all employees seem considerate of customers first.  Even wished someone a Happy Birthday.
Marie - Acworth (11-22-16)
Clerk was outstanding, knowledgeable, efficient and cordial - a wonderful combination.
James - Woodstock (11-19-16)
Clerk was knowledgeable, courteous and fast.  She is a great employee and representation of the tax office.
Tim - Woodstock (11-09-16)
Exceptional service as always. You have great employees and they deserve a big thank you.
Tina - Woodstock (11-09-16)
Very timely service, lived in another County for 11 years and it was always an all day event.  What a GREAT change!
Ed - Canton (11-08-16)
Every time I come in to this office I am treated with a friendly smile and top efficiency.  Cherokee County you are the best!!
Jeanne - Woodstock (10-19-16)
Was friendly, professional and quick.  Amazing experience here today.
Stacy - Canton (10-07-16)
Service is always great, fast and friendly. Everyone is always very knowledgeable.
Rachel - Canton (10-07-16)
Everyone is so pleasant & helpful.  Your people give government employees a GREAT name.
Steve - Canton (10-06-16)
Best tax collection office.
Patrick - Woodstock (10-04-16)
Always a pleasure. Third time I have been here for services and always helpful. Thanks!
Leslie - Canton (10-03-2016)
Absolutely wonderful staff. Efficiency is like no other county, city municipality in Georgia. You are never here more than 5 minutes. Your team is sharp, knowledgeable and they work well together.
Michael - Woodstock (09-28-16)
Really friendly and immediately knew what to do for my situation. Very professional.
William - Woodstock (09-27-16)
Your clerk was wonderful!! So friendly and very helpful. Excellent customer service.
Debi - Woodstock (09-27-16)
Clerk helped me out a lot with my transaction.  She was very polite.
Jena - Canton (09-27-16)
Your clerk was very diligent about looking into my situation.  Her professional demeanor was refreshing. I am a new resident to the county and it made me a happy one!
Rachelle - Canton (09-20-16)
As always SUPERB customer service! Makes dealing with an otherwise cumbersome task more pleasurable.
Steele - Canton (08-03-16)
Your clerk was friendly, courteous and knowledgeable.  She helped us a lot.
Cathy - Canton (08-03-16)
Your clerk was very courteous and pleasant.  Explained everything and helped me with all my decision. Thank you.
Bruce - Canton (08-02-16)
The clerk is an asset to your office.  Wonderful service and very pleasant.
Debra - Ball Ground (08-01-16)
The clerk was very helpful - she gave me a list of all we needed and was very professional and kind.
Glenn - Acworth (07-29-16)
Great customer service and thank you for being so polite and easy to deal with.
Patricia - Woodstock (07-29-16)
The clerk was exceptional in helping us and answering our questions, She's awesome!
Julie - Canton (07-29-16)
We loved the clerk-she is so polite and helpful, really helped us out.  Great customer service both times we came in.
Keilani - Canton (07-28-16)
This was a great experience! The clerk did such a good efficient job and made the process easy and painless!
JG - Woodstock (07-28-16)
They were very sweet & helpful in getting a tag and title for our car. Great Service! :-)
Anna - Canton (07-19-16)
Always a pleasure to visit the Cherokee Tag office!
Jason - Canton (07-17-16)
I have been to many DMV's and tag offices being retired Air Force, never have I been in one this pleasant and professional. Thank you for making this difficult time run smoothly.
Pam - Canton (06-22-16)
Fantastic service, very helpful providing paperwork for a rebuilt title application.  This office always provides outstanding service.
R. - Woodstock (06-17-16)
Very professional and pleasant.  Made my experience stress free. It was greatly appreciated, made me feel comfortable.
Sherryl - Canton (06-14-16)
Excellent service with a great smile. It is a good feeling to see your associates appreciate their customers and jobs.
Bob - Canton (06-06-16)
The staff in this office is some of the best I have ever had to deal within Cherokee County.
LE - Canton (05-27-16)
The clerk was very professional, courteous and knowledgeable, she made me feel comfortable.
Rosetta - Canton (05-20-16)
Very knowledgeable and courteous, you are lucky to have this clerk.
Michael - Canton (5-17-16)
Super service and genuine kindness - love working with this office, very efficient.
Robert - Holly Springs (5-6-16)
Always have had a pleasant experience here in this office, staff is always great.
Mark - Canton (5-4-16)
Your clerk is extremely helpful and I am grateful to her, very professional.
April - Canton (5-14-16)
The clerk went the extra mile researching to find out which Military plate I am eligible for.
Ron - Woodstock (4-19-16)
The customer service rep was really helpful, attentive and resolved my questions.
Kathy - Canton (4-19-16)
Very professional and helpful, I love that I never have to wait for long in this office.
Ron - Canton (4-14-16) 
Your clerk was very cheerful and helpful, even though I was an unorganized mess.
Robin - Woodstock (04-12-16)
Your clerk was extremely courteous, knowledgeable and helpful.
Bob - Ball Ground (03-18-16)
Always do a good job here.. .fast, efficient and courteous.  Thank you for a job well done.
Glenna - Woodstock (3-17-16)
Clerk was great.. she was prompt and very friendly, made this a great experience.
Melanie - Acworth (3-8-16)
Clerk was extremely helpful and very personable.
Donna - Woodstock (3-2-16)
Always have enjoyed professional manner and empathetic meeting with happy employees. Thank you all. 
 George - Canton (02-04-16)
Thank you to Everyone here for being so nice and helpful every time I come in.
David - Canton (02-02-16)
The clerk is just an asset to your office.. she is precious, kind and so helpful!
Melissa - Canton (01-28-16)
The clerk today was the most professional / respectful clerk we have ever experienced. Super friendly.
Andre - Canton (01-26-16)
I applied for my Veteran Tags and your clerk was very helpful and professional.
Dennis - Canton (1-15-16)
Love everyone here, you are always so polite and courteous.
Angela - Canton (1-14-16)
Always a fine experience - great folks, makes me proud we live in Cherokee County.
Bob - Holly Springs (1-9-16)
This office is always helpful whenever I come in.
David - Canton (1-7-16)
Excellent Service provided information I was not aware of to help me.
Ralph - Woodstock (1-6-16)
Your clerk made renewing my tags an effortless matter and your receptionist made my day with her smile and great customer service.
Lue - Canton (1-6-16)
This is the best government organization I have ever encountered.. I hope it never changes.
Kevin - Canton (1-2-16)
Best service I've had from a government agency!
Karen - Canton (12-30-15)
The clerk was exceptional. I had alot of problems with my tag from the dealer and she has been amazingly helpful.
Jeffrey - Canton (12-29-15)
The clerk made a ver anxious situation seamless. Coming from out of state I expected a big hasse, she was kind, patient and smiled the whole time.  Great customer service.
Jay - Canton (12-23-15)
Always great service, friendly to everyone I heard her speak with.  Keep up the great work.
Ryles - Woodstock (12-23-15)
Very helpful and patient whle we asked questionsabout transferring a title and gettin a tag... great employee.
M - Woodstock (12-23-15)
She went over and above what she needed to do.. just to make it easier for me.  She is the BEST!
Kristi - Canton (12-17-15)
Everyone is ALWAYS friendly and helpful... Happy to be in Cherokee.
Jennifer - Canton (12-12-15)
Very impressed with this young lady and her knowledge of the paperwork required to transfer title from another state.  She was very friendly, professional, and acommodating.
Anthony - Canton (12-8-15)
Your clerk was very polite and extremely knowledgable and we appreciate her time and patience.
Sabina - Woodstock (11-7-15)
The clerk that helped me today has always been wonderful.
Bruce - Woodstock (11-2-15)
Your clerk was very helpful and thorough with helping me. Awesome Job.
Mark - Canton (10-28-15)
Everyone is always nice and it is always fast.
Smith - Canton (10-28-15)
Service was incredibly fast today! I am very impressed with the efficiency an professionalism of this office.
Kathy - Woodstock (10-27-15)
Extremely helpful and took the time to resolve an issue with my insurance company. Thank you!
Rebecca - Woodstock (10-23-15)
Just plain fantastic! So helpful and patient.
George - Woodstock (10-1-15)
Thank you for your service with a smile.
Amy - Woodstock (10-1-15)
Dealing with this ofice is a pleasure.
Mark - Canton (9-25-15)

You clerk was v ery friendly and helpful.This is the best service I have ever had in a government establishment.
Mameyacine - Canton (9-23-15)
Awesome Service, friendly and attentive and so helpful. So much better than the county I came from.
Mario - Woodstock (9-22-15)
Your clerk is sweet and patient, and she made a process that couldve been painful and tedious... an easy-going experience.
Alexander - Acworth (9-16-15)
The clerk was very patient with me and my situation to register a vehicle.  I really appreciated her.
Scotty - Woodstock (9-15-15)
Thank you! New resident from Tennessee, Laws of GA were unknow and unfamiliar with had lots of help... thanks again.
Cherrie - Catnon (9-14-15)
I couldn't have gotten better customer service if I had been behind the counter myself!
Price - Woodstock (9-11-15)
Extremely polite and helpful, every County should be more like here.
Cherry - Canton (8-14-15)
Great- I am 63 and this is the only tag office of my life that I did not dread going to.  Thanks for the consistently great, friendly service.
Jessica - (8-13-15)
Fantastic Service - exceeded my expectations for a government oranization.  Thank you!
Kevin - Canton (8-19-15)
In the last two days, I worked with several employees they were always courteous and professional.
ES-Woodstock (7-30-15)
The clerk was peronsable and courteous and very attentive to deail, loved working with her.
Lisa- Canton (05-07-15)
I have lived all over Georgia and been to many tag offices, and this by far, is the friendliest and most helpful office and staff. 
Colleen - Canton (05-01-15)
Very sweet and friendly, enjoyed your clerks sweet smile and nice manners.  All the staff appeared to be excellent.
June- Woodstock (01-09-15)
Everyone in this office has been cempetent and friendly to me when I come in.
Marguerite - Woodstock (01-08-15)
Excellent customer service, very knowledgeable and helpful and resourceful.
Jeff - Woodstock (01-07-15)
Absolutely a very efficiently ran office.  Appreciate the fine work of everyone - it is always the same experience each time I come in.  Thank you.
Jeanne - Woodstock (12-8-14)
Outstanding, never thought I would say that at the tag office.  But the clerk answered all my questions and was delightful.
Dwight - Woodstock (11-26-14)
Outstanding help, way beyond expectations-friendly, competanta and responsive.  Your clerk is a wonderful professional and exper at "customer service", thanks so much. She was a delight.
Jim - Woodstock (11-13-14)
The clerk was exremely helpful and went above and beyond to make sure everything was handled.  She was very friendly and courteous in helpin us, we really appreciate it.
Aditia - Canton (10-31-14)
The young lady was very gracious and kind.  She was quick to answer all my questions and concerns.
Char - Canton (10-31-14)
A very pleasureable event, the clerk took the time and extra effort to explain our options which allowed us to make an informed decision.
Tom - Woodstock (10-28-14)
All of your clerks are always so courteous and professional.  It's always a pleasure to do business with the staff here.
Tyrus - Woodstock (10-22-14)
In all the years I have dealt with you folks at the Cherokee County Tag Office, I have never encountered anything but courtesy, helpfulness, and professionalism. 
Russell - Canton (10-14-14)
The clerk was very knowledgeable and curtious, she went out of her way to answer my questions.
Brett - Holly Springs (9-12-14)
No waiting and everything was smooth and easy.
Lana - Canton (9-8-14)
Your clerk helped me get tags that showed my service to our Country and saved me money.
Michael - Woodstock (9-5-14)
Very pleasant and helpful. She was happy and smiling had a great personality.
Camille - Woodstock (9-5-14)
I am so impressed with the efficiency and personalized service at this office... a very pleasant experience and I am not sure other counties could compare.
Barbara - Roswell (9-5-14)
Every person was so helpful, professions and had a good attitude- Great Group of employees.
Regina - Canton (8-20-14)
I have always received excellent service at this office.
Garey - Canton (8-13-14)
Your clerk was personable, funny and made the process and the cost bearable.
Joann - Canton (8-8-14)
I was blown away by your clerks thoughtfulness and help.  She genuinely went out of her way to solve my issue.
Eden - Woostock (7-23-14)
Most friendly customer service representative I have come across in a long time.  Very professional and courteous, thank you!
Keith - Woodstock (7-22-14)
Your staff is great, always very helpful in resolving problems.
Keno - Canton (7-31-14)
Happy that my wait in line was less than 10 minutes, the best ever.
Marie - Woodstock (7-31-14)
Your clerk was very polite and friendly.  She made coming to the tax office a pleasurable experience.
Ken - Woostock (7-31-14)
Great to deal with, it's rare to have a good exeperience at a government office.
Ayussa - Canton (6-1-14)
Your clerk was very friendly; she helped me notice my dealer overcharged me on my tax.
Mike – Woodstock (8-14-13)
I love the tag office; it is too smooth to be a government agency.
Jason – Acworth (8-9-13)
I had superb customer service, friendly, complete and comprehensive. A delight to deal with, she is a winner.
Brenda – Canton (8-8-13)
My husband is hard of hearing and your clerk was so patient with him. It just made things easier. Thanks and see you next year.
Bonnie – Woodstock (8-5-13)
All of the staff members that work here are friendly and helpful; great customer service. Thank you.
Janet – Woodstock (7-26-13)
I always get good/excellent service at this tag office.
Michael – Canton (7-3-13)
No problems, the clerk explained the new tax on two new cars. I don’t understand why other people complain. I had 8 tags and was done in less than 5 minutes,great job
Ned – Woodstock (6-4-13)
IT was very refreshing to walk in a government office and see everyone smiling and speaking to the customers.
Izella-Woodstock (5-17-13)
I have never had such a great experience in a tag office.
Paula - Woodstock (5-17-13)
This is the most efficiently run office. The clerk was extremely knowledgeable, very efficient and patient. Very Very pleased with the service! Thank you! I was done in less than 5 minutes.
Jeanne - Woodstock (1-23-13)
Never had a bad experience in this office, all the employees are top notch.
Alley - Canton (1-16-13)
This is the only tag ofice I have been in that everybody is courteous and willing o help resolve a problem.
Georga - Canton (01-03-2013)
We had a very complicated itle transfer transaction with a death, Power or Attorney and Trust. We were given all the info needed and our options on how to proceed. So refreshing from a tax office.
Richard - Canton (12-29-12)
Been here twice and this is the best experience EVER at a tag office! Great customer service, wish it was like that everywhere.
Darryl - Woodstock (12-7-12)
I wish all government service offices were staffed with the level of professional employees as this office is.
Steve – Woodstock (11-2-12)
This is the best tag office I’ve ever been to.
John – Canton (10-30-12)
Having to transfer a vehicle into my name, after both my parents passed this year, wasn’t anything I “planned” to do. Your clerk made this a painless transaction; she was very polite and explained everything.
Beth – Acworth (10-23-12)
The teller was very compassionate and knowledgeable. It made my experience easier.
Dianne – Ball Ground (10-22-12)
Your clerk was extremely nice to me. She answered all my questions and was very pleasant.
Stacy – Canton (10-12-12)
Professionalism is seldom found today and your clerk could teach many others just how to do it.
Gregory – Canton (8-20-12)
Your clerk was extremely sweet! I’ve called the office several times to check on the status of my title work and everyone has been super helpful!
Tina – Acworth (7-17-12)
This was by far the BEST tag office experience I have ever had!
Rob – Canton (7-15-12)
In and out of your Woodstock location in 5 minutes, super service!
Jeff – Woodstock (7-2-12)
The clerk went above and beyond during both visits to solve a strange and complicated situation.
Derek – Canton (7-2-12)
Your clerk could not have been more friendly and helpful! She was wonderful and helped me “far beyond” what I expected.
Jan – Woodstock (6-18-12)
The clerk went out of her way to assist me with my problem.
RG – Waleska (6-11-12)
It’s always a pleasure to come in here and get a tag.
Linda – Canton (6-8-12)
Your clerk was very knowledgeable and was able to make my day lovely; based on the Great Customer Service - - I love this place...
Larry – Woodstock (6-1-12)
The staff at the Woodstock branch is the friendliest, most helpful and courteous customer service people I have ever dealt with. Thank you!
Martin – Woodstock (6-1-12)
She was great, best customer service at a tag office ever!!
Bryon - Canton (5-21-12)
The nicest experience I have EVER had in a government office.
Jenny- Woodstock (5-21-12)
Your clerk helped me resolve a title issue, she personally called me back in an hour to tell me the issue was handled and I could come register my bike. When I came in that clerk was also nice.
Jennifer – Canton (5-18-12)
Your clerk was very sweet and patient; I really enjoyed my transactions.
Evy – Canton (5-12-12)
She was caring and extremely helpful. She went above and beyond her duties. She is as good as they get.
Paul - Woodstock (5-12-12)
Outstanding and patient service, I gave them a lot of work and it was quick and efficient. Thank you!
Walt- Acworth (5-10-12)
First time purchase of a vehicle, I had a lot of questions. Your clerk was very patient and knowledgeable and everything went smoothly.
Laura – Woodstock (5-9-12)
Clerk was very sweet, knowledgeable and professional in both my transactions.
Kimberly – Woodstock (4-10-12)
They were super sweet, professional and helpful. What a pleasant experience!
Shawn – Canton (4-9-12)
You guys treated me like a family member. All of you are so nice, so solicitous! I look forward to having another Cherokee County transaction.
Larry – Woodstock
Very friendly and helpful! Thank you for laminating my handicap card! A great addition!
Pat – Canton (3-29-12)
Excellent service, wonderful representation of the County.
Pat – Woodstock (3-28-12)
Your staff was incredible! I couldn’t be more pleased with all the help I received in getting my title and tags.
Matt – Woodstock (3-28-11)
Much easier than I expected... great first experience.
Blair – Canton (3-24-12)
Best Tag office in the State!! Been here 3 times and every time has been wonderful.
Jeff- Acworth (3-13-12)
This took less than 3-5 minutes, Thanks!
Buddy- Canton
Wow! No one expects a DMV worker to be so polite and knowledgeable!
James – Woodstock
Reward these workers for a job well done!
John – Ball Ground
So nice to be greeted by a positive and smiling person, especially on a Friday!
Kelley – Woodstock
I was impressed with how fast I was able to get in and out of your office.
John- Canton
The line moved quickly. All employees were happy and efficient.
Carolyn- Woodstock
Fastest service ever in a government agency, Cherokee County does it right.
Deborah- Woodstock
I was in your office today to register a new car. I have been use to the horrible service in the last county I lived in, so I was ready for a gut wrenching battle. Your people were so kind, helpful and efficient, I was left speechless. Thank you for setting a new standard for the way government is supposed to serve the people. Job well done!
Jason – Woodstock
This office runs like a well-oiled machine, not what you would expect.
Britten – Woodstock
Your clerk was GREAT! Best customer service at a government office! My insurance card had a VIN error and the clerk went the extra mile to get it corrected, saving me the time of another trip.
Thomas – Canton
Great service, very pleasant! Glad to see government employees who have an outstanding and happy manner.
Brooke – Woodstock
This office is the friendliest and most efficient government office I ever go to.
Paul – Canton
I would love to work in this office – what a wonderful group of hard working, polite and helpful folks! It’s a pleasure to come here; thank you for asking my opinion.
Vicki – Roswell
I asked additional questions in regards to county business and your clerk not only answered those questions, she went online and printed off a most “Frequently Asked Questions” page and gave me directions to the other facility. As someone not raised in this area- I appreciate the extra assistance and the awesome service.
Ms. Palmer – Canton
This is the third time I have had dealings with your office, and each time have been wonderful.
Bob – Woodstock
After moving from another state we are delighted with your DMV… it is fast, courteous and friendly.
Robert – Canton
I’m a general manager of a local business; I appreciate the excellent service that my company receives at your office.
Sharon – Acworth
The best tag office in the world!
Outstanding service, I always enjoy coming here, the staff is always very helpful. Thank you!
Best service ever!! I love Cherokee County, much better than the county I moved from.
I am a newcomer to Georgia, your office made me feel very welcomed.
Excellent customer service! Great employee! I would love to employ her if we had a position at my company, good employees are hard to find!
Keep up the good work! This is the best tag office that I have ever dealt with, please don’t change.
William – Woodstock
This is one time where dealing with a government agency is a pleasure, service was great!
Robert – Waleska
The office was very professional, efficient and courteous operation. This includes the phone call I made to the agency prior to my visit.
Don- Woodstock
I went to the tag office after moving to Georgia and I took my book with me, so I wouldn’t waste my time during the “usual” long wait. My total experience is that auto license offices are painfully slow and provide dismal experiences. However, I was pleasantly surprised! I was quickly processed by your teller. She answered my questions and provided good information to me as a new resident. I was impressed by her attitude and service as well as your office in general. You look to be an exception to the local/state/federal government norm of bureaucracy and poor service to citizens.
Dudley – Canton
As usual, the best service for any government agency.
Jim – Woodstock
Treated me courteously and professionally and she understands the business of the tag office.
Carlos – Canton
12 people in line in front of me and I was in and out in 15 minutes. WOW!! Thank you.
Maria – Woodstock
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