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Building Inspections

Paul Laney, CBO-MCP
Director-Building Inspections & Development Service Center

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The mission of the Building Department is to protect the investment of property owners by providing inspection services on residential and commercial buildings in an effort to ensure compliance with the minimum provisions of mandatory building codes as required by state law; the enforcement of which provides for the health, safety and welfare of the general public, tax payers and citizens of Cherokee County.

Attention Cherokee County Customers


Effective immediately the following building permit documents will only be accepted through CityView Portal:  to access the portal visit our website at www.cherokeega.com

  • Gas affidavits
  • Sewer affidavits
  • Subcontractor affidavits
  • Temporary construction power
  • Engineer letters
  • Water and sewer notice

Documents must be notarized (if required) prior to uploading. 




Effective January 1, 2020, The 2018 I-Codes will be in effect.

Effective July 1, 2008, the State of Georgia will require a license from the State Licensing Board for residential builders and general contractors. Please see the Georgia Secretary of State website for complete information. Additional information is also available at the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association website.

Notice: All building permits issued on and after July 1, 2012 will require installation of high efficiency plumbing fixtures in all new construction.  This includes residential and commercial installations. 

Notice: All building permits issued on and after January 1, 2011 will require an insulation inspection after approved rough inspection but prior to wall and ceiling cover.

PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES - The Building Department is responsible for inspecting all phases of residential and commercial construction including new construction, renovations, additions and accessory structures.

WHAT WE DO - The Building Department inspects all phases of construction including electrical, mechanical and plumbing installations. A building permit is typically required for any construction activity with the exception of ordinary repairs. For example: a permit is not required to replace shingles, install siding, windows, paint, replace floor covering or minor repairs for routine maintenance. However, structural changes in roof design, moving walls, additions, decks/porches, basement finishes require a building permit.  Additionally barns, farm outbuildings and detached storage buildings are required to have a building permit (accessory storage buildings less than 200 square feet may be exempt from a building permit but building setbacks and erosion control are factors that need to be considered).   Permits are also required for plumbing, wiring and the installation of mechanical equipment with the exception of minor repairs such as the replacement of lamps and connection of approved portable electrical equipment, portable heating, cooking and clothes drying appliances, portable heating, ventilation and cooling equipment, et cetera. If in doubt as to whether or not a building permit is required, please contact the Building Department and ask if a permit is required first before proceeding. Obtaining a permit upfront will help to avoid mistakes as well as penalty permit fees.  If county offices are closed or in an emergency situation and repair is necessary for replacement of a hot water heater, leaky plumbing, repair to damaged electrical service or mechanical equipment from a fire or other disaster, a state licensed plumber, electrician or conditioned air contractor can proceed with necessary repairs provided the appropriate permit is obtained within 72 hours of the emergency repair.

Customers often question why a building permit is necessary.  The primary reason is to reduce the potential hazards of unsafe construction practice and ensure the public health, safety and welfare of family, friends, visitors and potential or perspective buyers. If  construction projects do not comply with minimum code requirements as required by state law, the value of the customer's investment may be substantially reduced. Obtaining a permit first will hopefully avoid problems in the future not only with building construction but other laws or ordinances such as compliance with county zoning regulations, county development regulations, storm water and flood plain management.

Commercial Building Permits - Commercial building permits require an approved site plan. Construction plan review for proposed structures is also required for commercial projects. Most commercial developments require review from various departments including Building, Engineering, Fire Marshal, Environmental Health, Planning & Zoning and Water & Sewer.  Plans for assembly, educational, and institutional occupancies as well as buildings 5000 square feet or greater require stamped architectural stamped drawings.  For questions regarding commercial plan review, contact the plans examiner @ 678-493-6227.  For information regarding associated impact fees, contact 678-493-6213.    The commercial building inspectors have limited office hours as follows: 7:30 a.m. until 8:00 a.m. or 3:00 p.m. until 4:00 p.m. To speak with the commercial inspectors concerning the inspection process, please call between the hours previously listed.


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