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Tax Assessor's Office

Steve Swindell
Chief Appraiser
(678) 493-6120

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By clicking on either Real Estate Search or Your Community, we’d like to welcome you to our new web facing products provided by Spatialest.  Please let us know if you have any questions or comments about these new services.

To receive any Exemptions:

You must apply in person with a valid GA Driver's License or GA Id

Must have license updated with current address of property.

Please provide your settlement statement or warranty deed at time of application.

All exemption applications are printed and filled out when you arrive at the Tax Assessors Office located at 2782 Marietta Hwy, Suite 200 Canton GA 30114.




Notice to Cherokee County Property Owners and Occupants: In accordance with Georgia Law (O.C.G.A. 48-5-264.1), please be advised that the Cherokee County Appraisal Staff may be visiting your property concerning an appeal filed, return filed, construction of new improvement or addition, review of parcel, review of a conservation use application, or verification of information. These site visits are necessary for our office to more accurately determine the fair market value of  your property and/or make other determinations as required by law. In the case of residential property visits, the appraiser will collect information about the property which may include measurements and photos of the exterior of buildings. If an adult is home, the appraiser will want to ask some questions to make our records as accurate as possible. Answering these questions is purely voluntary.

The field appraiser from our office will have county-issued photo identification and will be driving a marked county vehicle. If there is any question about the identitiy of the Appraisal Staff member, do not hesitate to call our office. 

If you have any further questions about this visit, please call our office at 678-493-6120. 


The county appraisal staff, as required by law, is responsible for the appraisal for tax purposes of all taxable property, real and personal, that the county board of assessors is required to assess. These appraisals shall be made in the manner and at the times required by law. The county appraisal staff shall be responsible for the proper maintenance of all tax records and maps for the county in a proper and current condition, and the staff shall have custody of such records. The county appraisal staff shall be responsible for preparing annual assessments on all property required to be assessed by the board of assessors. Such assessments shall conform to the requirements of law and shall be turned over to the board of assessors for approval on the date requested by the board of assessors. The county appraisal staff shall prepare annual appraisals on all tax exempt property in the county and shall submit such appraisals to the board of assessors. Each county appraisal staff member shall successfully complete at least 40 hours of training courses prepared and offered by the State Revenue Commissioner during each 2 years of tenure as staff appraiser.

Appraisal Methodology

The Cherokee County Board of Tax Assessors follows the appraisal guidelines provided by the Georgia Code and Appraisal Procedures Manual. The goal is to achieve "Fair Market Value" as defined in the code section 48-5-2 (3).

The appraisal staff uses the three approaches to value (sales comparison, cost and income) to determine the valuation of properties. Statistical analysis, as provided by law, is used to calculate the level of assessment, uniformity and assessment bias for a group of properties defined by area, neighborhood, or class of property (residential, commercial and industrial.) 

After completing all calculations, considering the information supplied by the property owner and legal research, and considering the reliability of sales, cost and income and expense information, the appraisal staff will correlate any value indicated by those approaches to value that are deemed to have been appropriate for the subject property and form their opinion of the fair market value. The appraisal staff then presents the resulting proposed value assessments to the Board of Assessors for final approval. 

Current Board of Assessors

Each member of the board of assessors is appointed by the Cherokee County Board of Commissioners for a six-year term with each assessors term staggered over the others. The Chair and Vice Chair positions are then elected by the assessors themselves.

    • Dennis Conway, Chairman
    • MaryBeth Burnette, Vice Chairman
    • Tommy Mann 
    • Raymond Gunnin
    • Mark Young

The Board of Tax Assessors (BTA) is an autonomous board whose members are appointed by the Board of Commission to staggered six year terms, have specific responsibilities, and employ the Chief Appraiser who is responsible for the operation and functioning of the county property appraisal staff as per the Official Code of Georgia (OCGA) 48-5-290,264, & 299.

The Board of Tax Assessors is Responsible for ensuring that all taxable property within the county is filed and assessed for taxes at its fair market value; and that taxpayers shall pay, as nearly as possible, only their proportionate share of taxes (termed equalization) as per OCGA 48-5-306. The BTA is to maintain all tax records and maps for the county including, but not limited to, the mapping, platting, cataloging, and indexing of all real and personal property in the county as per OCGA 48-5-263. Further the BTA shall provide for the training of new appraisers and the continuing education of experienced appraisers as per OCGA 48-5-263,267, & 268.

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