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Magistrate Court

Magistrate Court

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Types Of Cases

The Magistrate Court has statutory criminal jurisdiction over the following types of cases:


Criminal Matters

          Trials of persons accused of violating County ordinances.

  •          Trials of certain misdemeanor criminal cases.
  •          Issuance of arrest warrants and search warrants.
  •          Issuance of arrest warrants for persons accused of violating terms of probation.
  •          Seeing all persons arrested within 72 hours to set bail at first appearance hearings.
  •          Prelimiary commitment hearings for arrested persons.
  •          Hearings on civilian arrest warrant applications.
  •          The execution or subscribing and the acceptance of written waivers of extradition.


Civil Matters

          Trials of civil monetary lawsuits where the amount in controversy doesn't exceed

  •          Trials of Dispossessory (eviction) and distress cases
  •          Limited post-judgment discovery matters
  •          Foreclosures on personal property, abandoned vehicles, and abandoned vessels
  •          Wage and bank garnishment actions for the collection of judgments

 The Magistrate Court's jurisdiction is limited in most civil matters (except dispossessory actions) to claims not exceeding $15,000.

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