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Any person who solicits orders on behalf of a firm, corporation, company, association, partnership or individual for any type of services to be performed then or at a later time is considered a solicitor and will be required to obtain a Solicitor's Permit for the areas of Unincorporated Cherokee County.

Solicitor's Permit Requirements


  • $40.00 Permit application fee (includes solicitor's badge)
  • $25.00 Background Check

Expiration and Renewal of permit

A solicitor's permit is issued for 90 days from the date of issuance.  A renewal fee of $40.00 will apply.  Background checks are good for a year, if expired a new background check must be conducted with appropiate fee.

No applications will be accepted if the applicant has submitted the same or similar application for a permit within the preceding 12 months and was denied, dismissed or abandoned. 

Download our Solicitor's Permit Guide now!


"Transient merchant" means any person, firm, or corporation, as principal or agent, or both, which is not a regular retail or wholesale merchant with a permanent place of business in this state, but rather one who displays samples, model goods, wares, or merchandise in any lot, building, room, or structure of any kind, whether fixed or mobile, for the purpose of securing orders for the retail sale of such items or items of like kind or quality for immediate or future delivery. The term "transient merchant" shall not include any person, firm, or corporation which:

(1) Sells agriculture or forestry products;

(2) Makes house-to-house or personal calls for the purpose of displaying samples or taking orders for shipment directly from a manufacturer;

(3) Conducts business at any industry or association trade show; or

(4) Sells items at a rummage, garage, antique, or similar sale when such person, firm, or corporation is a resident of this state or has a permanent place of business within this state and such sale is not part of the regular business activity of such person, firm, or corporation or when the net proceeds of such sale are to be used for charitable purposes.

Transient Merchant Requirements


  • $30.00 per owner (Any family member working for the business must be added in this count)
  • $30.00 per full time employee
  • $15.00 per part time employee

 Transient Merchants must conduct business only in General Commercial Zoning.  A notarized affidavit from the property owner authorizing the transient merchant, its employees or agent to conduct business at the property owner's location must be submitted with application.  If transient merchant is not a Cherokee County resident he must provide an "agent agreement".

Permits expire December 31st of each year. 

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