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Flexible Spending Accounts

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What is a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and how does it work?

An FSA is a type of savings program that’s set up by your employer. It’s like a savings account where you contribute a certain amount of money from each paycheck before taxes are taken out. (That money is also called pre-tax dollars.)
The amount you can put into your FSA is called an “annual election.” During open enrollment, you decide how much money to put into your FSA for the upcoming plan year. Then a certain amount is taken out of your paycheck in equal amounts during the plan year until it equals your total annual election. The money is flexible so you can spend it to pay for your eligible FSA expenses. Some of those expenses you may already be paying for out of your own pocket. (See below for different types of eligible expenses.)

Give yourself a raise.

Having an FSA means you’re paying less tax. And that means you’re increasing your take-home pay. It’s like giving yourself a raise! Of course, how much you save depends on your income tax bracket. For example, if you’re in a 30% tax bracket, you can save $30.00 for every $100 that you put into your FSA. So, if you put $1,000 into your FSA one year, you increase your annual take home pay by $300.

Use your health FSA for these types of eligible out-of-pocket expenses:

  • Copays and deductibles
  • Prescription drugs and over-the-counter (OTC) insulin
  • OTC health care items, such as bandages, thermometers and blood pressure monitors
  • Dental care including X-rays, cleanings and orthodontia
  • Vision care including eye exams, contact lenses and laser eye surgery
  • Chiropractic and acupuncture services

What else you should know about a health FSA?

  • You can use the entire election amount on the first day of the plan year. But your contributions will still be taken out of your paychecks in equal amounts during the year.
  • All of the money in your FSA must be spent by the end of your plan year. FSA funds won’t be returned to you and won’t be carried over to the next year. That’s why choosing an amount that you think is close to how
    much you spend on eligible out-of-pocket expenses
    is so important. 
  • Depending on your plan setup, you can contribute up to $2,500 per eligible employee. If you have a spouse or another household member who is an eligible employee, the maximum amount for each of you is $2,500. Your maximum amount may change by employer since your employer sets up the the maximum employees can put in their FSA's.

Want to save money on dependent care? Enroll in a dependent care FSA.

Current tax laws let you set aside up to $5,000 per plan year to pay for work-related child daycare or adult dependent care.

Use your dependent care FSA for these types of eligible work-related expenses:

  • Care for your qualifying child under the age of 13
    – Before- and after-school care
    – Babysitting costs (in or out of your home)
    – Nursery school (below kindergarten level)
    – Day camp
  • Care for your qualifying child, spouse or relative
    – If they are physically or mentally incapable of taking care of themselves and live in your home



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